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Videos: Florrie (live at Ponystep party, August 29th)
Posted at 6:32 PM, 31 August 2010 - 0 Comments

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MNEK working with Xenomania
Posted at 3:36 PM, 28 August 2010 - 3 Comments

MNEK is an insanely talented, extremely tall 15-year-old from South London. He is a singer, songwriter, producer and a remixer. During these summer holidays, he's been spending some time at the Xenomania studios.

MNEK (pronounced M-N-E-K) began producing when he was only nine (9) and he is now signed to EMI Music Publishing. This electro-pop prodigy has been featured in The Fader, Dazed & Confused and NME (on the same issue as the Mini Viva 2-page spread last year, in the section edited by Peter "Popjustice" Robinson).

Follow MNEK on Twitter if you want to read what goes through his mind and visit his MySpace and Hype Machine page to listen to his work.

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Florrie interview: new EP, working with Annie & Fred Falke
Posted at 7:05 PM, 27 August 2010 - 3 Comments

On Florrie's first ever Australian interview, she talks about her upcoming EP (and limited edition vinyls), working with Xenomania, the Annie comparisons and her favourite Girls Aloud song. Things you'll learn from the interview:
Florrie will release a free-download EP in October with new songs. It will also be issued on vinyl, limited to 500 copies. Some of those new songs were done with Fred Falke.

There probably won’t be an album until August/September next year. 

Her sound is still developing: "I’m on a musical journey, if you like. I’ve done lots of work with Fred Falke – who has had a big influence on my sound at this early stage – so it’s quite electro. And I do love that but because I am a musician, I like to keep a live element in there as well. So I think it’s likely to be a mix."

There are three different original versions of "Call 911", she's just "figuring out a way to mash it all together".

She's been doing a "little thing" with Annie, "possibly" a duet.

It's "lazy" to compare her with Annie: "I think if you listen to us side-by-side, we’re not actually that similar. I think a lot of people make their judgement based on hair colour".

She's done a track with Benny Benassi, but she's not sure "what's happening with that". She'd love to do more collaborations, one of them being playing drums with Prince.

Working with a team (Xenomania) is "great": "You just bounce [ideas] off everyone and I think that’s the best way to do things. (...) The good thing about the freedom we have here is that you can do two versions, one with my idea for example, and one with Jason (Resch)’s. There’s no boundaries". In the end, the final take is decided by Brian Higgins - "he's the top boss".

The best Girls Aloud song is "Biology". As for the worst, "if there was one, we wouldn't have heard it".

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    Ponystep party: Florrie live + Brian Higgins DJ set
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    Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen (London)

    Time: Sunday, 29 August 2010 20:00

    DJs: JBAG / Matthew Stone / Brian Higgins (Xenomania) / Jefferson Hack / Gareth Pugh / Princess Julia

    + exclusive LIVE performance from Florrie

    To RSVP send an e-mail to:

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    Lyrics: Alex Gardner - Feeling Fine
    Posted at 11:21 AM, - 1 Comments

    [Written by Alex Gardner and Xenomania]
    [Release date: September 27th] 
    [Links: Video | Reviews ]
    [Buy: iTunes | HMV | Amazon | Universal]

    Asking for power of greatness tell ya feeling fine
    It's a great life, promise always on my mind
    I'm about to take this and I'm keeping mine
    All of mine all of mine

    There are times I feel low
    There are times I feel cold
    There are lights start to glow
    Then my mind starts to go

    Where do you go? Who you calling?
    Why am I so tired of talking?
    I won't play your kind of game
    Play yourself away

    Asking for power of greatness tell ya feeling fine
    It's a great life, promise always on my mind
    I'm about to take this and I'm keeping mine
    All of mine all of mine

    There are crimes ignore
    They are mine, mine to store
    Where do you go? Who you calling?
    Why am I so tired of talking?
    I won't play your kind of game
    Play yourself away

    Asking for power of greatness tell ya feeling fine
    It's a great life, promise always on my mind
    I'm about to take this and I'm keeping mine
    All of mine all of mine

    Thinking about a make shift, 'cos I'm
    Pretty tired to take this, watch this
    I'm about to mind my business
    I don't wanna try and fake it
    Thinking about the sweet bliss 'cos I'm
    Pretty close to take this hopeless
    Time will tell if I get your kiss
    I don't wanna hear I've missed it

    Asking for power of greatness tell ya feeling fine
    It's a great life, promise always on my mind
    I'm about to take this and I'm keeping mine
    All of mine all of mine

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    Nicola Roberts back in the studio as a songwriter
    Posted at 8:30 PM, 25 August 2010 - 2 Comments

    Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud has been busy working on songwriting. Contrary to rumours that she might be recording a solo album, it has been reported that Nicola was in fact given a publishing deal to write songs that could be used by other acts.

    She reportedly said that she doesn't know yet who she was writing her songs for, but they were not for Girls Aloud:

    «When I'm not busy with Dainty Doll [Nicola's make-up brand], I'm pretty much just songwriting at the studio. (...) I've always songwritten anyway throughout the band and I have a publishing deal. It's something that I love to do and I'm really passionate about.»

    She added: «It's nice that we have the time to do it. I don't know [who I'd like to write for]. [I've written] for Girls Aloud and I was lucky that Brian and Miranda from Xenomania chose some of my songs for the Girls Aloud stuff, so that was really nice.»

    Some of the Girls Aloud songs she co-wrote include "It's Magic", "I Say A Prayer For You" and "I Don't Really Hate You"

    So far, the only Girls Aloud member that has released Xenomania-produced solo tracks was Sarah Harding, for the St Trinian's 2 soundtrack. Cheryl Tweedy and Nadine Coyle were also in the Xenomania studios to work on solo material, but those songs have yet to see the light of day.

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    No Xenomania tracks on the new Alesha album
    Posted at 5:31 PM, - 0 Comments

    Alesha Dixon confirmed today that there will be no Xenomania tracks on her new album. Speaking to her fans via a uStream webchat, Alesha said:

    «There's not actually any Xenomania tracks on this album. We did most of the record out in the States, but there are tracks on there by a couple of British producers (...) I worked with Toby Gad and I've written with a lot of fantastic British writers. But no, this is quite interesting, for the first time there's no Xenomania tracks on the album.»

    Back in March, Alesha revealed that she had teamed up with Xenomania once again. She said: «I've hooked up with Xenomania again and they're on fire. Some great tracks coming out of the studio». Miranda Cooper has also been in the studio with Alesha and Toby Gad.

    Alesha has been working closely with Xenomania since the beginning of her solo career, most notably on "The Boy Does Nothing", which was a top 5 hit across Europe.

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    SoundGirl working with Brian Higgins
    Posted at 1:01 AM, - 0 Comments

    SoundGirl, the new girl group launched by Mercury Records, are working with Brian Higgins. Writing on their Twitter page, the girls posted: «In Studio with Brian Higgins amazing stuff happening here!! Love i

    SoundGirl are Nicole, Olivia and Izzy, three girls from London with an r&b sound inspired by TLC, Salt 'N' Pepa, Destiny's Child, Rihanna and Aaliyah.

    Listen to some of their demos or watch them perform on their YouTube channel.

    Links: official site | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | MySpace

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    Florrie live dates (UK & France)
    Posted at 3:43 PM, 23 August 2010 - 0 Comments

    Here is a list of Florrie's upcoming live shows in the UK and France (where she'll be supporting Two Door Cinema Club). More to come soon!

    United Kingdom: 
    • 14 Sept 2010 - Glasgow
      @ King Tuts (info)
    • 15 Sept 2010 - Sheffield
      @ The Forum (info)
    • 17 Sept 2010 - Manchester
      @ Kraak Gallery (info)
    • 18 Sept 2010 - Liverpool
      @ The Shipping Forecast (info)
    • 22 Sept 2010 - Nottingham
      @ Basement at Rock City(info)
    • 23 Sept 2010 - London
      @ Shepherd's Bush Empire (info)
      • 15 Nov 2010 - Lille
        @ Aeronef (info)
      • 16 Nov 2010 - Strasbourg
        @ La Laiterie (info)
      • 17 Nov 2010 - Lyon
        @ Transbordeur (info)
      • 18 Nov 2010 - Toulouse
        @ Le Bikini (info)
      • 25 Nov 2010 - Paris
        @ Olympia (info)

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      Reviews: You Wanna Start Something + Give Me Your Love
      Posted at 3:10 PM, - 0 Comments

      Download: MP3 128 kbps | MP3 320 kbps | FLAC

      Popjustice: We're not entirely sure where Florrie's 'give a load of songs away for free and see what happens' plan is heading but that is for someone else to worry about, and while the tunes given away are like 'You Wanna Start Something' we're not complaining. Now you might say, "hang on, this sounds a bit like something off the fourth Girls Aloud album". And we would say, "yes. Yes it does. And that is why it is amazing.

      Wears The Trousers: ‘You Wanna Start Something’ is, on the surface, a straight up dancefloor filler with a taut beat, driving guitars and some sultry vox, but a flirtatious speak-sing interlude and a Balearic breakdown in the middle keep things interesting.

      Radio ClubFoot: This is a bit of a thrashier, rockier song juxtaposed against her somewhat innocent voice.  

      Sheena Beaston: It's got that Edge of Seventeen guitar rumble riff coupled with a slightly more rock-tinged tone from the singer, and yep, it's amazing as expected.

      Coffee and Bars: I wanted to hear her, and the music she would be making, not what others were turning her into. So I am very happy that she has let loose on the world two of her own songs, un-remixed and in their original glory. I am also quite happy with the results, ‘You Wanna Start Something’ is right up my electro-rock alley, its a bit of Annie meets the pure pop sound Xenomania is known for. Truly great, dancey, energy filled pop.

      Pop That Rocks: “you wanna start something” shows a little more of her xenomania roots than tracks past. in fact, it doesn’t sound too far removed from their work on annie’s don’t stop last year.

      POP From The Block: Like Fascinate Me, it sounds like a Girls Aloud track circa Tangled Up. It resembles a lot of the sounds on that album, which is a compliment in itself. The pacing is quite upbeat (typical Florrie) and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. AGAIN with the amazing guitar riffs!

      The Prophet Blog: “You Wanna Start Something”, begins with a funky guitar riff, before exploding into a Girls Aloud-esque blaze of glory on the chorus.

      Electroqueer: “You Wanna Start Something” reveals a different side to Florrie. This one see’s her indulge in electro rock chic mode, that our one time disco dancefloor diva pulls off with convincing confidence.

      Too Shy To Buy Lollipops: Two new quality tracks in the same week! You just gotta love her for that. “You Wanna Start Something” is a completely fun slice of electro-dance-pop.

      Varnfiesh: The latest is You Wanna Start Something, which everyone is currently going crazy about and its a bit like Annie singing Rihanna’s Shut Up And Drive, only better.

      It's Pop!: Give Me Your Love and You Wanna Start Something are two delicious slices electro-pop served that are catchy as hell, the latter being an absolute favourite of mine. I could see both songs on a Girls Aloud album and of course high on the charts.

      Download: MP3 128 kbps | MP3 320 kbps | FLAC

      About.com: "Give Me Your Love" marks a track that embraces less of a remixed sound and something more earthy and real. If the percussion on "Give Me Your Love" doesn't convince you of this girl's aptitude for rhythm, then nothing will.

      The track still has Falke on production which allows us to have excellent guitar and piano fluttering around the track but break down what really attracts you, and it's Florrie's captivating voice and the constant roll of her own personal drum line. Florrie's previous claim to fame was as a drummer in Xenomania's house band. This is the type of music the world should embrace, and can do so via free downloads from Florrie's website.

      Coffee and Bars: Again it shows her rock tinged electro-pop goodness. Her sound is full, energetic and very hard to resist.

      Wears The Trousers: ‘Give Me Your Love’, meanwhile, blossoms from drums and piano into a dreamy disco plea.

      Pop From The Block: Give Me Your Love features fast-paced drumming and is probably the most "organic" Florrie song yet (Am I making any sense?). The guitar riff gives a lovely touch to it, and the piano brushes throughout the track adds a certain depth that bodes well for Florrie's cool vocals.

      MuuMuse: “Give Me Your Love” is as much of a solid disco smash as it is an indie-rock track in disguise. It’s even conjuring some comparisons to Tegan & Sara‘s latest efforts in my mind. I swear, these are such sweet treats. Fred Falke songs performed by Xenomania house members–and all for free? GIMME MOAH.

      holeytonal: Her first two tracks have gone far more down the house route, but with Give Me Your Love you can tell she’s put a lot of love into the drums and seems to have steered towards a stronger pop. (...) Florrie is extremely talented. If she sticks to her drumsticks and Fred Falke and gets signed to a good record company that treats her as a musician – she’ll rasp the crown off the tyrant GaGa and become the rightful queen of pop.

      ArjanWrites: Emerging British pop sensation Florrie is making all the rights moves. Not only is Xenomania's latest darling cranking out premium class pop, she also giving it away for free. Let the goodness spread and the love will follow, must be her way of thinking. (...) If you're new to Florrie this is your moment to give it a lick and got hooked on her pop sweetness.

      Neon Enlightenment: There’s been remix upon remix released these past few months but now we can finally hear an original track from her which showcases just how much of a talent she is. Very reminiscent of older Kylie material, in my opinion. And that is a GOOD thing.

      Like Hot Cakes: Like Ladyhawke or label-mates Friendly Fires, Florrie produces music that appeals as much to chart lovers as indie hipsters; a combination which is sure to bring success. The new track, Give Me Your Love continues in this vein and represents the good side of pop; it’s fun, catchy and, most importantly, original.

      XO's Middle Eight: I am going to be honest about Florrie: I am not convinced there is anything remotely unique about her. What we know: She looks like and she sings like a bit like Annie, works with Xenomania and Fred Falke, drums, is kind to her fans and is building a web community. About the latter though, there is a tendency now in the Twitter/blog world to avoid applying criticism to artists you communicate with. Everything they release becomes brilliant and amazing, when it's clearly not. Obviously this is all subjective, but sometimes you need to distinguish the between the person and their work. This could apply to any artist - it's not unique to Florrie. All of that said, Give Me Your Love is an elegant groove. It subtle and cool with a little bit of hipster cool and a lot of Florrie's drumming. The album could still be amazing, but I am not giving away the love easily. Yet.

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      Download: Florrie - You Wanna Start Something
      Posted at 10:48 AM, 13 August 2010 - 0 Comments

      She promised, she delivered. Here is "You Wanna Start Something", the second track that Florrie is releasing for free this week. If you've signed up to Florrie's mailing list, you got it before anyone else - join now!

      FREE Download: You Wanna Start Something (MP3 128 kbps 4 MB)
      FREE Download: You Wanna Start Something (MP3 320 kbps 10 MB)
      FREE Download: You Wanna Start Something (FLAC 51 MB)

      "You Wanna Start Something" is today's Song Of The Day on Popjustice:
      «We're not entirely sure where Florrie's 'give a load of songs away for free and see what happens' plan is heading but that is for someone else to worry about, and while the tunes given away are like 'You Wanna Start Something' we're not complaining.
      Now you might say, "hang on, this sounds a bit like something off the fourth Girls Aloud album". And we would say, "yes. Yes it does. And that is why it is amazing. 'Amazingness' and 'sounding like something off the fourth Girls Aloud album' are not mutually exclusive".»

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      Download: Florrie - Give Me Your Love
      Posted at 5:33 PM, 10 August 2010 - 0 Comments

      Here is the first of two tracks that Florrie is giving away for free this week.

      "Give Me Your Love" was done with the help of French House master Fred Falke, Xenomania's sound master Toby Scott and the J & K from JFK, Jason Resch and Kieran Jones.

      Choose your download:

      FREE Download: 128 kbps 4 MB MP3
      FREE Download: 320 kbps 10 MB MP3
      FREE Download: 28 MB FLAC


      In the words of Florrie: "play it, share it, dance to it, stroke it, hug it and most of all LOVE IT".

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      Florrie news roundup: Music
      Posted at 3:16 PM, 09 August 2010 - 2 Comments

      HardCandyMusic.com posted a phone interview with Florrie (listen here). Things you'll learn from the interview:
      1. Florrie was scared of Brian Higgins at first because he's really intense and "quite a character";
      2. Labels don't seem to know how to build a fanbase so she's doing it herself;
      3. She's been listening to Two Door Cinema Club, Lily Allen and things she finds on Hype Machine;
      4. Xenomania use Logic and Stylus RMX (music software programs);
      5. Fred Falke is "incredible", "hilarious" and "an insane bass player".
      Florrie joined Fred Falke on stage on his live set at MELT Festival in Germany - see a picture from the performance. Last week, Radio Club Foot played Fred Falke's edit of "Fascinate Me" on their BBC Radio 6 show.

      Florrie has released a new free remix of "Fascinate Me". The song has been reworked by Billa. Download: 320 kbps MP3 / 128 kbps MP3 / 35 MB FLAC

      She has readied two new tracks (originals). Look out for them this week on her website, Twitter and/or Facebook page.

      The house of Nina Ricci will launch its new fragrance with the support of a simultaneous music single and video release. They teamed up with Florrie, who has cut a specially made version of Blondie’s 1979 hit "Sunday Girl" for the launch of Nina L'Elixir. Florrie will also be the face of the international campaign.

      You can now watch Florrie's Nina Ricci presentation gig in Paris on YouTube. She performs four songs: "Go", "What You're Doing This For", "She Always Gets What She Wants" and "Sunday Girl". Watch: part 1 and part 2.

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      Florrie news roundup: Fashion/Advertising
      Posted at 2:28 PM, - 0 Comments

      The advertising campaign for the new Nina Ricci fragrance is a collaboration between the house of Nina Ricci and Florrie.

      In addition to the 30-second film ad, Nina Ricci will produce a music video of Florrie's version of "Sunday Girl", which will be released at the same time as Nina L'Elixir. Florrie also features in the print campaign, which was shot by Ruven Afanador.

      Nina L'Elixir will be launched from September in France, the Netherlands and Belgium, with Spain and the UK to follow in November.

      See a set of pictures and read a few reactions from the London press presentation of Nina L'Elixir.

      Florrie will also star in the new Bella Freud ad. See some behind scenes photos at Fashion's Most Wanted

        Florrie went to the launch of Marc Jacobs' new men's fragrance at Harvey Nichols and even posed with the man himself, wearing a dress from the new Marc Jacobs collection. View pictures.

      There's a big Florrie feature on Vogue UK. In the interview she talks about meeting Girls Aloud and Kylie, her favourite designers (Marc Jacobs and Chanel), her style icon (Audrey Hepburn), her wardrobe must-have (jumpsuits, "because they're great to play the drums in") and getting involved in the fashion world. Florrie also shares some beauty tips - read it here.

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      Reviews: Alex Gardner - Feeling Fine
      Posted at 7:15 PM, 08 August 2010 - 0 Comments

      Last update: Sep 13

      ‘Feeling Fine’ hears the Scottish lad skilfully manoeuvre around the verses in a falsetto, recalling the tenderness of his ballad ‘There Goes My Heart’. Much like my impressions of Girls Aloud‘s ‘Crocodile Tears’, ‘Feeling Fine’ didn’t strike me as a potential until I woke up one morning with its chorus ringing in my head. Ta-dah! We have another slow-revealing Xenomania pop gem at hand. Feed Limmy

      ‘Feeling Fine’ is a heady blend of electronica, R’n’B and dancefloor flavours wrapped up in a perfect pop package and showcases Alex’s accomplished, soul-packed vocal, which impressively swoops up to giddy falsetto heights. Female First

      “Feeling Fine” follows the lead of “I’m not Mad” as another top Xenomania tune. Granted, I have no idea what the hell he’s saying on the Ke$ha-fied chorus, but I know that I like it. No, scratch that – I love it.
      Naturally, Alex’s voice is built for acoustic rock and blue-eyed soul, so hearing his raspy vocals against the sleek backdrop of Xenomania’s perfect productions completely adds new dimensions to tunes that may have sounded a lot more standard in the hands of somebody else. The Prophet Blog

      "Feeling Fine" is a great synthpop song, slightly weaker then "I'm Not Mad", but maybe a bit more radiofriendly. ForeverMusick

      I was one of those people complaining about the auto-tuning that makes the words in the chorus of Alex Gardner's new single "Feeling Fine" incomprehensible. The highly processed sound was a sudden shift from the "Xenomania does singer-songwriter with some synths" of before and hid what many saw as Alex's main asset, his soulful voice. Don't summer singles largely live and die on the ability of a group of people to sing along with them? It's impossible to do that here (...)  But in the end, you can't even blame the great quicktalking middle eight for your newly developed love of the song: that chorus, that darn gibberish-filled robotic chorus, has managed to burrow its way into your brain and, like the sand that a week later seems to have also found its way into every corner of your suitcase, refuses to disappear. Poster Girl

      We’re clearly fans of Alex, who has demonstrated that he’s full of blue-eyed soul. But that said, “Feeling Fine” isn’t exactly a great showcase for those vocals.
      There’s a sampler containing five of Gardner’s tracks that has been doing the rounds since February, and on it is the sad, sweeping “Heartbreak.” The emotion in his vocals shines through, and Xenomania did a smashing job of creating the right sound bed of melancholy for the tune. Now that would have been a choice for a second single. Idolator

      It's hard to tell if Alex's "Feeling Fine" is a jam yet. The vocals on the chorus are a bit too liquid and Auto-Tuned for me to truly love this one right off the bat. Chart Rigger

      On first listen you’d be forgiven for thinking a new boyband single was pouring from your speakers, as Alex displays wildly differing vocal styles throughout the the track (including obligatory autotuned sections, of course). We Are Pop Slags

      I was a fan of "I'm Not Mad" but I find this a bit disappointing like many. The autotune is so thick on the chorus, I can't understand what he's saying. The problem is, I'm finding the chorus kinda catchy but am singing in my head "I've got a bowl with greatness" as that's what I can make out. Cool Beans

      His voice shouldn't be covered up by all of this production. I feel like "I'm Not Mad" was sort of straddling a line but NEW single, "Feeling Fine" crosses into OVERPRODUCED territory, bordering on blatant musical trickery! Auto tune? WHY is that necessary? That being said, when Gardner's voice DOES come through it sounds great. I honestly just think this is a case of a label forcing a singer to sing the wrong genre of music. Music Is My King Size Bed

      This is the sound of a brilliant singer smothered in vocoder. You can just hear the contemptuous, cynical record executives saying, "Let's make it more like Drake and Derulo and Cruz!"
      Sample chorus lyric: "bleh bubbah feeling finnnnee belueb beebubb ahh promise always blee biee s uinnne inne." The vocoder might - might!- have been cool if used sparingly on the middle eight, but it's the apex of awfulness on every chorus.
      (...) It is hard to watch a label falter again and again with an artist who has all the elements for success. XO's Middle Eight

      The song selected for his next single, 'Feeling Fine', isn't one we immediately recognised from seeing him live or listening to any of his various sampler CDs.
      There is a good reason for it not having been on those sampler CDs - it's shit.
      It's a shame really because Gardner's a brilliant live performer with a distinctive voice, some great tunes and a face that doesn't exactly send women running to the hills, but this really isn't the song he needs right now, and we have a feeling that every single person involved with this release probably agrees. Popjustice

        I hate to question the Xenomania gods, but I feel like the new Alex Gardner single, 'Feeling Fine,' is a missed opportunity. They have something unique in him (as I'm Not Mad & Heartbreak proved) but they covered his voice in AutoTune like he's Cheryl Cole. @rantsofadiva

        Even though the song is catchy and he looks insanely gorgeous, I was turned off by the ridiculously over-produced recording with its crazy use of over-the-top effects such as Autotune. I thought it was embarrassing and frankly a little gross, but if you are being produced by the pop powerhouse Xenomania, I guess you have to bow to their whims. There are enough YouTube videos available of him singing live for me to know that this kind of hyper-production, which groups like Girls Aloud rely on (nothing against them, but let's be real) are not only unneeded, but detrimental to someone like Alex Gardner. It just bothered me. Vera's Big Gay Blog

      The video is nice but the song is disappointing, especially compared to You See With Me, Heartbreak of Yesterday's News. Plus, his voice has a bit too much autotune here, even though it absolutely doesn't need it. Too bad. It's Pop!

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      Beyond Xenomania: Tim Powell
      Posted at 4:01 PM, - 0 Comments

      Tim Powell, one of Xenomania's former core members, recently co-wrote two songs that will be released in the upcoming months: Alex Gaudino's "I'm In Love (feat. Maxine)" and Ed Drewett's "Champagne Lemonade".


      Originally featuring just the title line as vocal loop, "I'm In Love" now features the voice of Maxine Ashley, a former Xenomania singer. The new vocal edit of the song was written by Tim Powell, Alex Gaudino and Giuseppe D'albenzio.

      Maxine is a 17-year-old singer from the Bronx. She was briefly part of a Xenomania group with Katie McKenna (now a member of Lite N Dark).

      Alex Gaudino is an Italian DJ and producer, known for tracks such as "Destination Calabria," "Watch Out" and "I Love Rock and Roll."

      "I'm In Love" went to #1 in the UK Upfront Club Charts and will be released in the UK on Ministry Of Sound on September 19th.

      Video: Alex Gaudino - I'm In Love (feat. Maxine)

      Alex Gaudino: official site / MySpace
      Maxine Ashley: MySpace /Twitter / Facebook / YouTube


      Ed Drewett is a British 22-year-old singer/songwriter. He's been writing his first album for the past year, which is set for release in early 2011.

      His debut single "Champagne Lemonade" was co-written and produced by Tim Powell and is set to be released on October 25th. You can listen to a demo of the song on Ed Drewett's MySpace.

      There's also a video on YouTube where you can see Ed Drewett singing "Champagne Lemonade" with Tim Powell on the piano ("Hello Internet!") - watch it here.

      Ed Drewett recently appeared as a feature vocalist on the Professor Green track "I Need You Tonight", and he also co-wrote The Wanted's first single, "All Time Low".

      Video: Ed Drewett & Tim Powell - Champagne Lemonade
      Ed Drewett: MySpace / Facebook / Twitter

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      Video: Alex Gardner - Feeling Fine
      Posted at 11:03 PM, 05 August 2010 - 1 Comments

      This is the video for the new Alex Gardner single, "Feeling Fine", to be released on 27th September. The video was shot in Spain and directed by Luke Biggins.

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