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Reviews: You Wanna Start Something + Give Me Your Love
Posted at 3:10 PM, 23 August 2010 -

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Popjustice: We're not entirely sure where Florrie's 'give a load of songs away for free and see what happens' plan is heading but that is for someone else to worry about, and while the tunes given away are like 'You Wanna Start Something' we're not complaining. Now you might say, "hang on, this sounds a bit like something off the fourth Girls Aloud album". And we would say, "yes. Yes it does. And that is why it is amazing.

Wears The Trousers: ‘You Wanna Start Something’ is, on the surface, a straight up dancefloor filler with a taut beat, driving guitars and some sultry vox, but a flirtatious speak-sing interlude and a Balearic breakdown in the middle keep things interesting.

Radio ClubFoot: This is a bit of a thrashier, rockier song juxtaposed against her somewhat innocent voice.  

Sheena Beaston: It's got that Edge of Seventeen guitar rumble riff coupled with a slightly more rock-tinged tone from the singer, and yep, it's amazing as expected.

Coffee and Bars: I wanted to hear her, and the music she would be making, not what others were turning her into. So I am very happy that she has let loose on the world two of her own songs, un-remixed and in their original glory. I am also quite happy with the results, ‘You Wanna Start Something’ is right up my electro-rock alley, its a bit of Annie meets the pure pop sound Xenomania is known for. Truly great, dancey, energy filled pop.

Pop That Rocks: “you wanna start something” shows a little more of her xenomania roots than tracks past. in fact, it doesn’t sound too far removed from their work on annie’s don’t stop last year.

POP From The Block: Like Fascinate Me, it sounds like a Girls Aloud track circa Tangled Up. It resembles a lot of the sounds on that album, which is a compliment in itself. The pacing is quite upbeat (typical Florrie) and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. AGAIN with the amazing guitar riffs!

The Prophet Blog: “You Wanna Start Something”, begins with a funky guitar riff, before exploding into a Girls Aloud-esque blaze of glory on the chorus.

Electroqueer: “You Wanna Start Something” reveals a different side to Florrie. This one see’s her indulge in electro rock chic mode, that our one time disco dancefloor diva pulls off with convincing confidence.

Too Shy To Buy Lollipops: Two new quality tracks in the same week! You just gotta love her for that. “You Wanna Start Something” is a completely fun slice of electro-dance-pop.

Varnfiesh: The latest is You Wanna Start Something, which everyone is currently going crazy about and its a bit like Annie singing Rihanna’s Shut Up And Drive, only better.

It's Pop!: Give Me Your Love and You Wanna Start Something are two delicious slices electro-pop served that are catchy as hell, the latter being an absolute favourite of mine. I could see both songs on a Girls Aloud album and of course high on the charts.

Download: MP3 128 kbps | MP3 320 kbps | FLAC

About.com: "Give Me Your Love" marks a track that embraces less of a remixed sound and something more earthy and real. If the percussion on "Give Me Your Love" doesn't convince you of this girl's aptitude for rhythm, then nothing will.

The track still has Falke on production which allows us to have excellent guitar and piano fluttering around the track but break down what really attracts you, and it's Florrie's captivating voice and the constant roll of her own personal drum line. Florrie's previous claim to fame was as a drummer in Xenomania's house band. This is the type of music the world should embrace, and can do so via free downloads from Florrie's website.

Coffee and Bars: Again it shows her rock tinged electro-pop goodness. Her sound is full, energetic and very hard to resist.

Wears The Trousers: ‘Give Me Your Love’, meanwhile, blossoms from drums and piano into a dreamy disco plea.

Pop From The Block: Give Me Your Love features fast-paced drumming and is probably the most "organic" Florrie song yet (Am I making any sense?). The guitar riff gives a lovely touch to it, and the piano brushes throughout the track adds a certain depth that bodes well for Florrie's cool vocals.

MuuMuse: “Give Me Your Love” is as much of a solid disco smash as it is an indie-rock track in disguise. It’s even conjuring some comparisons to Tegan & Sara‘s latest efforts in my mind. I swear, these are such sweet treats. Fred Falke songs performed by Xenomania house members–and all for free? GIMME MOAH.

holeytonal: Her first two tracks have gone far more down the house route, but with Give Me Your Love you can tell she’s put a lot of love into the drums and seems to have steered towards a stronger pop. (...) Florrie is extremely talented. If she sticks to her drumsticks and Fred Falke and gets signed to a good record company that treats her as a musician – she’ll rasp the crown off the tyrant GaGa and become the rightful queen of pop.

ArjanWrites: Emerging British pop sensation Florrie is making all the rights moves. Not only is Xenomania's latest darling cranking out premium class pop, she also giving it away for free. Let the goodness spread and the love will follow, must be her way of thinking. (...) If you're new to Florrie this is your moment to give it a lick and got hooked on her pop sweetness.

Neon Enlightenment: There’s been remix upon remix released these past few months but now we can finally hear an original track from her which showcases just how much of a talent she is. Very reminiscent of older Kylie material, in my opinion. And that is a GOOD thing.

Like Hot Cakes: Like Ladyhawke or label-mates Friendly Fires, Florrie produces music that appeals as much to chart lovers as indie hipsters; a combination which is sure to bring success. The new track, Give Me Your Love continues in this vein and represents the good side of pop; it’s fun, catchy and, most importantly, original.

XO's Middle Eight: I am going to be honest about Florrie: I am not convinced there is anything remotely unique about her. What we know: She looks like and she sings like a bit like Annie, works with Xenomania and Fred Falke, drums, is kind to her fans and is building a web community. About the latter though, there is a tendency now in the Twitter/blog world to avoid applying criticism to artists you communicate with. Everything they release becomes brilliant and amazing, when it's clearly not. Obviously this is all subjective, but sometimes you need to distinguish the between the person and their work. This could apply to any artist - it's not unique to Florrie. All of that said, Give Me Your Love is an elegant groove. It subtle and cool with a little bit of hipster cool and a lot of Florrie's drumming. The album could still be amazing, but I am not giving away the love easily. Yet.

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