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Saint Etienne talk about Xenomania
Posted at 3:19 PM, 14 October 2010 -

Rock Feedback has published the first part of an interview with Pete Wiggs (Saint Etienne) today. An interesting detail: when the journalist met him in the pub for the interview, Pete was with ex-Xenomania Nick Coler. This is the part where Pete Wiggs talks about Xenomania: 
Rock Feedback: Going back to Xenomania, there’s some history there?
Pete Wiggs: Yes, the first thing he (Brian Higgins) did was ‘He’s on the Phone’, as part of Motiv8, and they did a great mix of it, well, they made the song really, so there’s been some history, also on Finisterre there’s Xenomania input so yes, it’s been good for us.

We met Nick [Coler] at Xenomania, when working on Tales From Turnpike House. Some of it was recorded there, 3 or 4 songs, the rest was with Ian Catt in Coulsdon, which is where loads of our stuff is recorded. Both Bob and I grew up in Croydon, and I’ve known Bob since I was approximately one. 

Did you find yourself in one of their song-writing rooms?
 Yes, Pete, Bob ad Sarah had a year of song writing there, and some of those songs ended up with us, and others with Xenomania, 

Such as?
 A Gabriella Cilmi track, not the big one [laughs] the follow up to that, (2008’s ‘Save the Lies’).
 In the interview, Pete Wiggs also talks about the next Saint Etienne album. He says: «It’s probably going to be more of a hotchpotch than a unified concept; we’re writing with different people, it might even be a double album.». Another former Xenomania member, Tim Powell, has already announced that he's working on Saint Etienne's new album.

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