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Nadine Coyle wants lyrics that make sense
Posted at 5:34 PM, 27 September 2010 -

Nadine from Girls Aloud has said that her debut solo album has a running storyline and that the self-penned tracks each tell a part of the story:

«I wanted the album to be very real, in terms of real instruments. No auto-tune, a full gospel choir on there, really heavy backing vocals, lyrical content that made sense - but not lyrics that only made sense to me, but could make sense to everybody listening. You can take from it what you will, but there's a storyline, and just music that I wanted to hear.»

Nadine also revealed that it was different to record an album for Girls Aloud: «In Girls Aloud, except for 'Stand By You' and 'See The Day', none of our other songs had any storylines whatsoever. It was deliberate, it wasn't about storylines, it was about the music and the fact it could be worked with clothes and it was a backing canvas for us to go as crazy as we wanted with costumes and hair and stuff, so it was a different style.»

She also told Digital Spy what it was like to write her own material away from Xenomania and Girls Aloud:

«I found it liberating. The best thing was being able to come back to songs and re-jig bits: adding a bit of drums here, some BPM there, a bit of drum 'n' bass on that. In Girls Aloud it was always someone else making those decisions. None of us were quite sure who that 'someone' was, but it's great knowing that it was me for this album. It makes the whole thing feel genuine, although I was always half-expecting someone to be on my shoulder telling me, 'No, not like that!'.»

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