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Download: Florrie - Come Back To Mine (Jaxon Bellina remix)
Posted at 9:56 PM, 03 July 2010 -

Florrie has sent out a new remix through her mailing list. This time "Come Back To Mine" has been reworked by another Xenomania collaborator, Jaxon Bellina.

Don't forget to sign up to Florrie's mailing list to receive exclusive updates and downloads like this one (don't worry, she doesn't spam!). Download it for free:

Come Back to Mine (Jaxon Remix)
FREE MP3 Download: 320 kbps MP3
FREE MP3 Download: 128 kbps MP3

Michael "Jaxon" Bellina is a German producer known for his work with Moguai and Phil Fuldner.

Some of his Xenomania co-creations include Kylie's "Mighty Rivers" and "Heartstrings", Girls Aloud's "Fling" and "Something Kinda Ooooh", Mini Viva's "Bedroom Viber", Sugababes' "In The Middle" and the songs on the St. Trinian's 2 soundtrack.

Florrie was yesterday's New Band Of The Day in The Guardian. Paul Lester writes:
    «Having studied Music Technology, she knows about programming and remixing and has worked the controls at Xenomania HQ for the likes of the Saturdays, plus she writes music and lyrics. That's three careers right there: drummer-for-hire, writer-producer, and pop performer in her own right. (...)
    She completely bypasses the sweaty authenticity of groaning determination for a slicker, brighter sort of pop desire. This comes across in her music. It's breezy.(...)
    Her co-compositions are great, her self-penned stuff (Fascinate Me, Name in Lights) shows promise, she's a model, she's a musician and budding programmer/producer ... No wonder she's not been signed yet. »
In other news, Florrie is the cover girl for this month's Flavor magazine. Click here to see a set of pictures shot by Cameron Smith, with styling by Phoebe Arnold.

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