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Video: Florrie Arnold & Nina L'Elixir
Posted at 2:29 PM, 20 June 2010 -

Florrie Arnold  has been chosen as the face, and voice, of an international advertisement campaign for the new Nina Ricci perfume. The TV commercial features a new version of Blondie's "Sunday Girl", produced by Xenomania and recorded by Florrie. She also plays drums on the track and has slightly tweaked the lyrics to fit in with the ad.

Click above to view footage from the Nina Ricci L'Elixir ad, the private concert from the pre-launch party and an interview with Florrie and Nez, the ad director. In the interview, Florrie talks about her version of "Sunday Girl":
«It's an original Blondie track but the lyric of that is quite sad, so I thought I should probably re-write the lyrics to fit with the ad. It's about waking up in a dream land, you open your eyes and you see all these amazing things around you.»
The video for the Nina L'Elixir campaign was directed by Nez, who previously directed Lily Allen's video for "The Fear". He says:
«We started to look into singers that we thought could fit the role. Florrie came up and she was just perfect for it and then we kind of adjusted it a little bit to Florrie's style. Florrie was already launching her career, she was literally just starting, she started recording some stuff and that's what Nina wanted. They didn't want someone that was established, they wanted someone who was fresh and young, so they would help someone with their advertisement campaign come through as a pop star»
-- Video: Florrie - Sunday Girl (live)
-- Video: Nina L'Elixir TV ad
-- Video: Nina L'Elixir pre-launch party
-- Pictures: Florrie at the pre-launch party
-- Article: Florrie visits Bristol primary school

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