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Gabriella Cilmi's "Hearts Don't Lie" is out now
Posted at 12:07 PM, 06 June 2010 -

The new Gabriella Cilmi single is now available as a digital download, backed with remixes by Moto Blanco and Steve Smart & Westfunk.

"Hearts Don't Lie" is the second single to be taken from Ten and the only Xenomania song on the album. It was written by Gabriella Cilmi, Miranda Cooper, Brian Higgins, Tim Powell & Owen Parker and produced by Xenomania.

Gabriella has said that "Hearts Don't Lie" is her favourite song on the album, with a Bee Gees-inspired chorus, a Betty Davis-inspired bassline and a modern disco sound.

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  • Digital Spy: She's ditched the Barbarella-style silver spandex in favour of a slinky little disco number. "Tell me that you really want me / I need you b-b-baby tonight," she purrs here, as Xenomania supply a trembling bassline that wouldn't sound out of place on a Boney M record. (...) her glorious falsetto on said chorus is matched by the infectious "my heartbeat's ticking" hook, resulting in a track as catchy as it is downright phonkay. 4/5
  • Entertainment Focus: With a sound usually cherry-picked by the likes of camp quartet Scissor Sisters or Kylie Minogue, Gabriella takes a dive into the dance pool with a very impressive and invigorating outcome. From the first beat the track is infectious and pure high octane pop equalled only to the high notes Cilmi hits in the chorus. (...) Quick and flawlessly funky.
  • XO'S Middle Eight: Hearts Don't Lie is 1) her best single ever 2) the finest Xenomania production in a long while and 3) the proper rebirth of Diana Ross' Love Hangover-era disco.
  • The Arts Desk: A massively contagious disco belter that has the tune, raunch and electro-funk to sweep along anyone but grouchy music journos. (...) This is a monster, the best nouveau-Moroder wedding party classic since Scissor Sisters' "I Don't Feel Like Dancing".
  • SameSame: Sexy, fun, and anthemic, this song has hit written all over it.
  • The Times: Cilmi’s powerful pipes square up formidably to highlights such as  Hearts Don’t Lie.
  • Yahoo!: 'Hearts Don't Lie' has a soul-funk Prince-meets-Grace Jones 70s and 80s disco vibe.
  • Sydney Morning Herald: Hearts Don't Lie is Chaka Khan singing over a Kylie song.
  • The Observer: (...) disco empowerment anthem "Hearts Don't Lie", where her throaty belter of a voice comes into its own.
  • ausp0p: ‘Hearts Don’t Lie’ is pure pop bliss. Disco beats, pulsing rhythms and a soaring chorus combine to create one of the first great pop tracks of 2010.
  • Vibewire Portal: Hearts Don’t Lie has Saturday Night Fever soundtrack written all over it. It’s an intense, slick production that finds Cilmi barely stopping for air – an aspect that fans have come to expect from the collaboration of Xenomania and Cilmi.
  • Sputnik Music: The inspired and updated disco sound of ‘Hearts Don’t Lie’, which channels Gloria Gaynor and could easily have found a place on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack!
  • Pop Culture Platinum: The true standout is the sole Xenomania produced Hearts Don’t Lie, a sultry and impressive disco number that should hopefully be a huge hit. If it’s not the world is missing out as this is one of the strongest things Xenomania have worked on in quite awhile.



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