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Gabriella Cilmi: «'Hearts Don't Lie' came out of a disagreement»
Posted at 9:35 PM, 05 June 2010 -

Gabriella Cilmi recently told The Telegraph that her new single "Hearts Don't Lie" (out tomorrow digitally) was created out of a disagreement with Brian Higgins:

«I wrote that with Brian Higgins, who produced my first record, and we actually had a bit of a tiff while we were writing it. I kind of stormed out, and he stormed out, and then we came back together and wrote this song», she said.

She also spoke to Digital Spy about working with Higgins: «I really like working with Brian because I think he brings out the best in me. On 'Hearts Don't Lie', the funny operatic vocal in the chorus started with me mucking around. He knows how to make my silliness good. Hopefully we can work together again - we did have a few tiffs, because when I'm recording I sulk, but I think it all turned out for the best in the end.»

«[Xenomania are] kind of crazy», she told GayDarNation. «I started working with them when I was 13. Brian, I guess, took me under his wing. He taught me a lot but we used to fight a lot, actually. We used to have arguments all the time about how we thought things should sound. But when we agreed on things, we really agreed.»

«I mean, they have a great technique and way of writing. We’ve got an awesome track on this album called ‘Hearts Don’t Lie’. It’s really funky and it’s got this kind of Betty Davis style bass line and an almost Bee Gee’s inspired chorus. It’s got really massive high vocals - you have to wear really tight knickers to sing along or someone would need to step on your feet. But it’s really fun - it’s my favourite track on the album, I think», she added.

"Hearts Don't Lie" is released tomorrow (Sunday, June 6th), backed with remixes by Moto Blanco and Steve Smart & Westfunk. You can pre-order it now on Play.com.



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