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Mini Viva: "Pop will never die"
Posted at 11:26 AM, 10 May 2010 -

Mini Viva spoke to Virgin.com about working with Xenomania, their new single "One Touch" (out now), touring, having their own web show, the Girls Aloud comparison and the pop scene. A few highlights:
Will you be playing many festivals this summer?
Mini Viva: Yeah, this year we've got V Festival and the Isle of Wight Festival lined-up. There are so many brilliant artists lined-up and we're really looking forward to playing with them and seeing them.

People that wouldn't normally listen to pop music are changing their minds. Why are people getting back into pop music?
MV: I think it is because indie music has died out now a little bit. People want to feel happier. Pop will always make you sing and the hook will be catchy. Pop will never die. There is always whole new pop scenes. At the moment it's the whole electronic scene, with Lady Gaga, Ellie Goulding and La Roux. That’s a really good thing that has happened. It is a bit more chic and cool, but it is still pop, just done a different way.

A big part of making pop cool has been Xenomania, especially with Girls Aloud. How exciting is it working with them?
MV: Yeah, we're so privileged to be working with them. To have our singles and album produced all by them is just incredible. People are fighting to work with them and we've got this amazing album coming out in August that we have co-written with them. Yeah!

How does songwriting with Xenomania work?
MV: We just get in the studio with them and put melodies over backing tracks. Certain melodies and lyrics get chosen. 'One Touch' is one of the songs we've co-written with Xenomania and that is why we're so happy that is getting released. We want to show people we can write, we're not just having songs written for us. We are talented in that way as well.

That must be daunting for you though? Xenomania are lauded as fantastic songwriters – how nerve-racking is working with them?
MV: They make us feel comfortable. I think when we started with them it felt quite a big deal, but you get used to it. They are really good at making you feel like you can do anything. It is such a great opportunity to get your mind going, they are really good for our creativity.



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