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Xenomania flashback: Cadence - Japan (2004)
Posted at 2:10 PM, 28 April 2010 -

"Japan" is the song that would eventually become Girls Aloud's "Memory Of You". It was released in 2004 by a trance project called Cadence. "Japan" was written by Xenomania and produced by Cadence, with vocals by Louise Griffiths.

Girls Aloud's "Memory Of You" (2009) retained the melody and lyrics, but everything else changed: new verses were added on the second part of the song and the backing track is also completely different.


Cadence consisted of Mike Koglin (Grammy-nominated producer, remixer and DJ), Darren Edge and Paul Woods. At one point, Paul Woods was also part of the Xenomania team, having co-written and programmed a few Girls Aloud tracks, as well as Frank's "All I Ever Do" and Kylie Minogue's "Giving You Up".

They released three 12'' singles between June and July 2004, on Famous Inc, a label set up by Xenomania. The 12'' of "Japan" included two versions: the "Club Vox" and the "Koglin Dub".

"Japan" was written by Brian Higgins, Miranda Cooper, Giselle Somerville, Tim Powell and Mike Koglin. It was the third and final release by Cadence, after "Don't Say It's Over" and "Stay Tonight".

Louise Griffiths

English pop singer, songwriter, model and actress, Louise Griffiths was a contestant in the BBC television series Fame Academy in 2003.

Louise was also a member of the girlband Orchid, who originally recorded Girls Aloud's "Sound of the Underground" in 2001. Orchid's version was never released, but their voices can still be be heard on the chorus of the Girls Aloud single.

Orchid were Louise Griffiths, Eve Bicker (the female voice on the Xenomania-produced "7 Ways" by Abs Breen) and Giselle Sommerville (who co-wrote "Japan" and several Xenomania songs, besides being one half of the pop duo Mania).

"Memory Of You"

Written by Brian Higgins, Girls Aloud, Giselle Somerville, Miranda Cooper & Tim Powell and produced by Brian Higgins/Xenomania. "Memory Of You" was the b-side of the single "The Loving Kind" (2009) and initially was only available on a limited edition 7'' vinyl picture disc, sold exclusively through Girls Aloud's online store.

Girls Aloud's fans were disappointed that the song was only available on vinyl format, which led to the creation of campaigns for the release in CD or digital form. The Sun even ran a story about Girls Aloud's fans having "gone mad" for the b-side.

It was later included in high quality on the official Girls Aloud singles box set.

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Blogger jsd said...

Nice detective work. Memory Of You was one of my favorite tracks from the Out Of Control album era - which in general I found quite disappointing. Interesting to learn that my favorite track is actually not originally from that era after all.

I do have to say, however, that the changes made to create the Girls Aloud version are all for the better - there's an interesting downward modulation in the chorus that is absent from the Cadence version.

April 28, 2010 at 4:50 PM  

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