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Mini Viva news roundup
Posted at 12:12 PM, 19 April 2010 -

  • "One Touch" has been remixed by Tom Neville, Wideboys and Christian TV. You can now listen to the mixes on Mini Viva's MySpace. The single will be available to download from May 9th, and on May 10th you can buy it in the shops.
  • Tune into Koko Pop, the new TV show on Channel 4, on May 1st to catch Mini Viva promoting their new single "One Touch".
  • You can catch up with old episodes of Viva Mini Viva on YouTube (thanks to Vivapedia). And don't forget to tune in every Friday at 4.30 pm to get your weekly fix of Mini Viva on their Ustream channel:
  • Recent reviews of "One Touch":

    » The latest single from the sassiest duo around is a bit like Madonna's Vogue re-visited for 2010. In fact, we love it so much that we've already been trying to perfect the girls' moves in this video. Hmmm... perhaps we should have kept that last part to ourselves! 4Music

    » This latest single is perhaps their best so far, and carries all the verve and originality that is to be expected of a Xenomania production, along with a nifty video chock-full of the girls’ trademark dance moves. Popbitch

    » Their new single ‘One Touch’ is set to be one of the pop highlights of the year, fo sho. (...) Check out the amazing dance moves – you’ll be imitating them in your boudoir and on the dance floor as well as coveting the dee-lish looking cakes. The Sassy Minx

    » Just by looking at these two fiery & feisty chicks you can just tell their music is good! They are slowly but surely taking the Pop world by storm. (...) This is Pop music at its finest. The beats are sublime and these girls don’t need to wail over the tune to prove they got the goods. I really love this song and the video is just above and beyond GLAM! Aamyko
  • The girls are currently on tour with Diversity. Here's a nicely put together backstage video from the tour:



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