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1996: Sexus via Xenomania - How Do You Kiss?
Posted at 8:15 PM, 18 April 2010 -

[Flashbacks from Xenomania's past. We start in 1996, the first year of Xenomania.]

"How Do You Kiss?" was the single that was never released by British duo Sexus. One of the promos had four remixes done by Xenomania, who at the time consisted of Brian "Higgo" Higgins and Matt Gray (with production assistance by Stuart McLennan and "Mad" Tim Powell).

Listen to two of those mixes: How Do You (Spanish) Kiss? (Xenomania Club Mix) and How Do You (Dutch) Kiss? (Xenomania Hero Dub) (thanks to Xavier for the audio)


"How Do You Kiss?"

Popjustice mentioned this 12'' yesterday in a post about Record Store Day and independent music shops. It was Sexus' third and final record, only available as promotional copies. Besides Xenomania, the track was also remixed by Trevor Horn and Narcotic Thrust, without Sexus' knowledge (and they weren't happy with that).

There were also two CD promos with the b-sides "Joe January" and "Beaten Up By Girls". You can still find most of these releases on second-hand shops like eBay.


Sexus were a duo from Manchester comprised of David Savage and Paul Southern. Their first independent single "Edenites" sparked the attention of a manager who signed them to ZTT. The follow-up single, "The Official End Of It All", was critically acclaimed, being chosen as "Best Single" by both Smash Hits and Melody Maker. During their time with the label they recorded a full album with Trevor Horn, which remains unmixed and unreleased. You can download some unreleased Sexus tracks here. The duo would later team up again musically under the name Psychodelicates.

The Romo movement

Romo ('Romantic Modernist') was a short-lived music movement in the mid-'90s. It was essentially a derivation of New Romantic-era bands such as Visage and Soft Cell. The name first appeared on the cover of November 25, 1995 Melody Maker.

Inside, Simon Price lavished an unheard crop of bands with an eight-page spread. Yet six months later, Romo generated little recorded music and most of it unremarkable.

Sexus were the first Romo band to get signed, being snapped up by Trevor Horn's ZTT, the label that was originally home to Frankie Goes To Hollywood. The most successful project associated with Romo ended up being Orlando, who released several singles and an album, Passive Soul.

Besides Sexus, Xenomania also remixed another Romo song, "Apocalypse Kiss" by female duo Hollywood (Hannah Edgren and Stacey Leigh).

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