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Xenomania news roundup
Posted at 2:39 PM, 24 March 2010 -

  • The lovely Florrie has posted a sneak peek of the Fred Falke remix of a new track called "Panic Attack". Watch it here. (video filmed and edited by Florrie and Toby Scott). The full remix, video and free mp3 is coming in the next few days hours... (here it is)

    Also worth a look is the video that captured the moment when Mr. Falke played his remix of "Call 911" at the Ministry of Sound. Look carefully and you can spot Toby, Florrie and her bobble hat on the dancefloor.
  • Xenomania will take part in a Producers Masterclass Series at the British Music Experience. Other producers in the event (dates TBC) include John Leckie (Stone Roses, Radiohead, The Fall) and Steve Lyon (Depeche Mode, The Cure).
  • Gabriella Cilmi says that Xenomania only worked on one song on her new album because they were busy: "It was fun. We only ended up having one track on the record as they're so busy with other things. It's called Hearts Don't Lie and actually turned out to be one of my favourite tracks on the album. It was really fun working with them and the track has a really funky bass line."
  • Songwriter/vocal producer Thaddis "Kuk" Harrell is collaborating with Xenomania. Kuk Harrell is a member of a songwriting/production team composed of himself, Tricky Stewart and Terius "The Dream" Nash. He was the vocal producer and co-writer of Rihanna's "Umbrella", and a composer and engineer on Beyonce's "Single Ladies". He also produced Alesha Dixon's "Let's Get Excited" and the majority of the vocals on Mary J. Blige's album Growing Pains.
  • Producer/remixer Michael "Jaxon" Bellina has also been working with Xenomania. Jaxon is known for his work with DJs Phil Fuldner and Moguai. His Xenomania credits include Mini Viva's "Bedroom Viber", Sugababes' "In The Middle" and Girls Aloud's "Fling" and "Something Kinda Ooooh".
  • Sarah Harding has become the third Girls Aloud singer to announce she's working on a solo album. Sarah told The Sun that she wants to "step away from cheesy pop". Oh dear. Not the best choice of words to sum up the sound of Girls Aloud.
  • Xenomania are looking for a female/male vocalist to become involved in a duo. If you are or appear to be 20-25 years old, have a unique look, a great voice and a sharp attitude, apply here.
  • The very first Xenomania fansite, which had the most complete Xenomania discography you could possibly find, appeared to have vanished from the Internet, but most of it has now been archived. Take a look:

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