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New Gabriella Cilmi album is out today
Posted at 7:20 PM, 22 March 2010 -

Gabriella Cilmi's new album Ten is out to buy right now.

Ten is the second album by the Australian singer/songwriter, after the Xenomania-produced Lessons To Be Learned. It includes only one song produced and co-written by Xenomania, "Hearts Don't Lie".

The album marks Cilmi's foray into more 1980s-inspired music and was inspired by the likes of Blondie and Donna Summer.

Both the CD and digital versions contain a new version of "Sweet About Me", which was remixed by Fred Falke.

Future single "Hearts Don't Lie" has started receiving early airplay, debuting at #81 on the Australian Airplay Chart. A few reviews of the song:
  • The Times: Cilmi’s powerful pipes square up formidably to highlights such as Superhot and Hearts Don’t Lie.
  • Yahoo!: 'Hearts Don't Lie' has a soul-funk Prince-meets-Grace Jones 70s and 80s disco vibe.
  • Sydney Morning Herald: Hearts Don't Lie is Chaka Khan singing over a Kylie song.
  • The Observer: (...) disco empowerment anthem "Hearts Don't Lie", where her throaty belter of a voice comes into its own.
  • ausp0p: ‘Hearts Don’t Lie’ is pure pop bliss. Disco beats, pulsing rhythms and a soaring chorus combine to create one of the first great pop tracks of 2010.
  • Vibewire Portal: Producers Xenomania, who entirely produced her last album, only have one but noticeable credit on this CD. Hearts Don’t Lie, the album’s second track, has Saturday Night Fever soundtrack written all over it. It’s an intense, slick production that finds Cilmi barely stopping for air – an aspect that fans have come to expect from the collaboration of Xenomania and Cilmi.
  • Sputnik Music: Thankfully, she does retain one song of theirs; the inspired and updated disco sound of ‘Hearts Don’t Lie’, which channels Gloria Gaynor and could easily have found a place on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack!

Album tracklist:

1. On a Mission
2. Hearts Don't Lie
3. What If You Knew
4. Love Me Cos You Want To
5. Defender
6. Robots
7. Superhot
8. Boys
9. Invisible Girl
10. Glue
11. Let Me Know
12. Superman
Special iTunes edition
13. Sweet About Me (Twenty Ten Version)
14. Sucker For Love (iTunes Exclusive)



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