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Florrie & Fred Falke - Panic Attack (reviews)
Posted at 11:13 PM, 25 March 2010 -

  • Song Of The Day: We could do without the floor-floor-floor/more-more-more business but the song's dreamlike disco pop 'vibe' is getting us even more excited about what's around the corner for Florrie. Popjustice
  • Every March we’re thrown the new female indie pop star and like clockwork Florrie has arrived. She’s done some work with Xenomania so some of her sounds might be a bit too sweet for some, but the stuff she is doing with Fred Falke is pretty much ace. Perhaps a tad pedestrian but it’s pop so we can’t complain. Sure beats that snoozefest Ellie Goulding… with a stick. BIGSTEREO
  • Panic Attack is another slice of drum pumping pop pleasure, which gets the Falke wash rubbed all over it. Seriously, if this song doesn't get you amped to dance in the summery streets, then you're listening to it all wrong. Sheena Beaston
  • Falke decided to give the song an alternate spin, and sprinkled more of his magic disco dust all over it to create a stylish and sleek revamp. Fingerlickin' good. Arjanwrites
  • I love this. Disco pop gloriousness. Plus I’ve always had a bit of a thing for girl drummers. I can just hear this as the soundtrack to summer…and since the sun’s shining today, why not? Hildrew Media
  • Yeah! There’s a new indie girl out there. Her name is Florrie and she’s doing some interesting pop stuff with the remix master Fred Falke! She’s a drummer, a singer and a songwriter. Cute, sweet and all that things that an indie girl needs to be, haha. Just listen to her! We Are Pajamas
  • Florrie, well, for a start she’s the in-house drummer for the production team responsible for pretty much all of the good ‘proper’ Pop music in the charts in the last decade, Xenomania. She’s also a singer/songwriter in her own right and is débuting classy Pop tune after Pop tune.
    It’s a, frankly, infectious slice of electronic Pop that has a really strong (and obvious) Xenomania influence with seems to work well with Falke’s trademark bassline. Electronic Rumours

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