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Brooke X is coming...
Posted at 6:00 PM, 22 March 2010 -

Brooke X was discovered by Xenomania's A&R when she was performing in Lez Zeppelin, a New York all-female Led Zeppelin tribute band. She was asked to go to the UK to meet with Brian Higgins, signed a record deal with Geffen/Universal and now has a set of tunes that are "like open-heart surgery on the dance floor".

Brooke posted this message on MySpace:
«Just got official word we're finishing up my album sampler over the next 2 weeks. Holy shit, I can't believe it cuz the tunes are too much! It's like open-heart surgery on the dance floor!! I wanna put the tunes up but the powers that be tell me to wait til the bitch is delivered. Ok ok, i can do that. But just know I'm dying to play these songs to somebody... even more than that I'm dying to play them LIVE so we're working on that too. Shows, shows and more shows---> getting it all locked down over the next few weeks so polish your dancing shoes and we'll let it all out together.

So what else, ya listening to Soft Parade as I type. I still think it's my favorite Doors song The change at 3:01 and I'm instantly transported back to 9th grade making out at a party in the woods with some sketchy guy who "graduated 2 yrs ago". But I'm on shuffle and About A Girl just came on and I love that chorus like it's my job. I'm like Sybil when it comes to my playlist, I admit it.

In this case the cobra is Jim Morrison and the leopard can be Jane Ewan cuz she's 85lbs of vixen hotness. I don't think Mr. Morrison would mind...»
Brooke X MySpace
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