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Alex Gardner's "I'm Not Mad" is OUT NOW
Posted at 2:44 PM, 29 March 2010 -

Alex Gardner's debut single is out in stores today. "I'm Not Mad" is backed with a new b-side titled "Superfree", which you can only find on the CD-single.

"I'm Not Mad" was produced by Xenomania and co-written by Alex Gardner & Xenomania.

Don't forget that you can get a limited signed edition via the official site, so go on and grab your copy. You can also download it from iTunes.

Buy the single: iTunes - Amazon - HMV - Official site (signed) - Juno

  • A rich, elegant tune and a good showcase for Alex's impressive pipes. - Popjustice
  • First there's the young Scot's voice, which is rich, manly and intriguingly husky (...). Then there's the fact that his debut single, 'I'm Not Mad', builds on this intrigue. A glossy-yet-gloomy electropop affair, and very much a grower not a shower. 4/5 Digital Spy
  • Xenomania's influence is not hard to spot on this radio-friendly debut, as a synth-led production provides the backdrop to Gardner's distinctive voice. - Music Week
  • Xenomania's squelchy synths and glistening pads conjure imagery of tears shining in the light from disco balls (...) Xenomania, whether wittingly or not, always manages to create dark undertones that give even the most innocuous of lyrics depth. Regardless of Alex's image or age, "I'm Not Mad" as a track actually comes up trumps, a depressing love song sang to a club beat. 8/10 The Lost Children Sanctuary
  • 'I'm Not Mad' is catchy electro pop. But it's the surprisingly rich voice - like a smoother, sweeter James Morrison - that seals the deal. - The Star

  • In debut single 'I'm Not Mad' the deep melancholic sad pop that characterised Girls Aloud's 'Out Of Control' finds a perfect bed partner in Alex's simultaneously soft and strong vocals. - Attitude

  • Alex has the same raspy voice of fellow Scot Paolo Nutini, but his tunes are more polished. Pop overlords Xenomania add whooshing rave beats under Alex's tender vocals, and the mix works on this debut single. - News Of The World

  • I’m Not Mad is a pulsating electro-pop record that should see Gardner easily glide in the UK Top 10. His husky Scottish tones perfectly complement the pop beats of the verses before launching into an irresistible and catchy chorus. Entertainment Focus

  • Look at this amazing guy with his gorgeous eyes and magnificent voice and even well dressed! And this awesome song,the lyrics that actually have a meaning unlike other songs these days and the beat that can shake the windows! - Irina's Blog

  • Structurally, that bass-led one-chord groove at the heart of things is perfectly nice. There's a pretty synthy mist that hangs over proceedings which recalls some of the Pet Shop Boys's frostier moments, and Alex has a soft, plaintive croon which suits what he is singing about pretty well. 3/5 - BBC Chart Blog



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