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Xenomania news roundup
Posted at 3:13 PM, 05 February 2010 -

  • Alex Gardner and his guitarist Tommy are on the road on a radio tour. They are going to be on the road until next Monday and going through Manchester, Stockport, Birmingham and Liverpool (stations include The Pulse, Rock FM, Wish FM, Key 103, Real Radio North West, Juice 107.6, Imagine FM, Radio City in Liverpool, Signal One and BRMB in Birmingham).
  • A girl auditioned on American Idol with "Something Kinda Ooooh" by Girls Aloud. After she finished singing, Simon Cowell said, sarcastically, «One of the most meaningful lyrics ever written», to which fellow judge Victoria "Posh" Beckham replied: «Better than zigazig-ah?». Watch the audition video here. At one point you can even see Cowell singing along to the lyrics ("ooh").
  • The lovely Florrie Arnold (drummer in Xenomania's house band JFK + singer + songwriter, etc.) has set up a website. Soon you'll be able to watch videos with drumming lessons from Florrie. For now there's a few pictures and funny out-takes and bloopers filmed by Xenomania's sound engineer Toby Scott. You can also find Florrie on Facebook and YouTube.
  • Fred Falke said in an interview that he really enjoys collaborating with Xenomania: «I really enjoy my time spent with at Xenomania, a writer and production team based in Kent, England. I get to work in a team of brilliant people, with them for Mini Viva recently was a wonderful experience.»
  • Former Xenomania singer/songwriter Carla Marie Williams has set up a joint venture production/management company called BigMouthEntertainment. They are about to launch their first act, a new female collective called RD (aka Ruff Diamondz).
    With Xenomania, Carla-Marie co-wrote several Girls Aloud songs (including
    "The Promise" and "Sexy! No No No..."), Alesha Dixon's "The Boy Does Nothing", Mini Viva's "Left My Heart In Tokyo", Sarah Harding's "Too Bad" and many others. She also sang with Neil Tennant on Pet Shop Boys' "The way it used to be".
  • Mini Viva will be DJing at two upcoming nights in the UK: The Nightingale in Birmingham on 13th March and a TBC venue in Leicester on 22nd February. Keep checking their MySpace for the confirmed Leicester venue.
  • Gabriella Cilmi's "Hearts Don't Lie", the only Xenomania-produced track on her new album, has leaked in full. The Beat Review has reviewed the song:
    «It kind of redeemed her identity back after that gruesome 'On A Mission' (...). 'Hearts Don't Lie' doesn't escape the 1980's sound Gabby's trying to achieve. Although it doesn't sound anything like 'On A Mission', 'HDL' is more of a soul-dance-jazz fusion.»
  • Girls Aloud's "The Promise" is nominated for "Best BRITs performance from the last 30 years". You can vote here.
  • "Jump Off" by the Banned of St. Trinian's has been remixed by Almighty. Click here to listen to the previews and buy the remixes. "Jump Off" is one of the eight Xenomania tracks on the St. Trinian's II soundtrack.
  • NiteVisions are being tipped as "ones to watch" for 2010. Here's what CityLife says about them:
    «Calling NiteVisions ‘the Duran Duran Juniors’ isn’t merely an aesthetic and musical comparison – for members Andy and James Taylor are the sons of (respectively) New Romantics Andy and Roger Taylor. In their former guise as The Electric City, they even had Simon Le Bon’s nephew on drums. With sharp suits, a great look and killer hooks, stardom seems to have been hardwired into the pair’s DNA: you can’t help but think they came out of the womb holding hairspray and pouting (possibly thinking: ‘This is like the Girls On Film video’).

    «Britain’s premier hit-factory Xenomania (Girls Aloud, Mini Viva) are currently helping the duo straddle the shiny high-wire of genius pop: the retro-nouveau disco-pop of Fire, for instance, blitzes forth like a more high-energy Cut Copy, and is so ridiculously danceable, it makes you wonder if at Xenomania’s Kent HQ, they’re putting amyl nitrate into their Glade Plug-Ins. Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos has declared himself a fan. You will be too.»

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Blogger daavid said...

I saw that AI audition on TV. Was really surprised. Never thought anyone would pick that song for an audition, but she pulled it off!

February 5, 2010 at 8:17 PM  

Anonymous Goins said...

I saw that AI audition on TV. Was really surprised. Never thought anyone would pick that song for an audition, but she pulled it off!

November 30, 2012 at 10:04 PM  

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