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Mini Viva news roundup
Posted at 7:17 PM, 26 February 2010 -

  • Mini Viva are working on an "exciting new project" called Viva Mini Viva. No details yet on what exactly it might be, but they are asking for your help:
    «We’re working on a really exciting new project, which we’ll tell you all about very soon! Think you’re going to love it, as you guys are going to be in control of what happens! :) Sounds good huh?
    To get started we want some of you to film yourselves giving an introduction for us – you simply have to say “Hi, I’m (give your name) and you’re watching Viva Mini Viva!”.
    The vids that are the most fun and imaginative will become part of our project and everyone will get to see them!! So come on get creative and show us what you’ve got! Send the vids to vivaminiviva@live.co.uk
  • The girls will be performing on the Big Top stage at the Isle of Wight Festival, on Friday, June 11th. Other artists performing on the same night include Suzi Quatro, Juliette Lewis, Marina & the Diamonds and I Blame Coco. The festival takes place at Seaclose Park, Newport, and will run from June 11th to 13th. For more information, visit the Isle of Wight Festival website.
  • Mini Viva's new single "Do You Want A Candy", which they debuted live at the Jazz Café a couple of weeks ago, is getting good reactions on the web:
    -- Tokyo was perky, I Wish was lovely - so thank the pop gods there is a third chance in the offing. It's a tremendous new track they performed at the Jazz Cafe and live it already sounds like a fluffy piece of brilliance, so one can only salivate in anticipation at a magnificent studio production... FizzyPop
    -- Mini Viva also charged through next single ‘Do You Want A Candy’, which the world and his wife will tell you sounds like Mel & Kim meets Girls Aloud – because it does. We Are Pop Slags
    -- This is exactly what I want to be hearing from Mini Viva. Punchy, fiesty, fun songs. They do wistful well too (love I Wish), but I can't help but think that this suits them more. Even if all the Xenomania "fun" songs are going to Mini Viva now (save "classy & sophisticated" for the Girls), that would be fine with me. sushimuffin



Anonymous Alex said...

Viva Mini Viva?
Probably their show on Viva? (UK TV channel)

February 27, 2010 at 2:29 AM  

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