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Listen: Alex Gardner - I'm Not Mad
Posted at 11:29 AM, 26 January 2010 -

Alex Gardner's debut single "I'm Not Mad" had its first play yesterday morning on Radio 1. It was featured on the Music Generator, on Fearne Cotton's show. Click the player above to listen to the song (skip to 00:44:30).

Alex will be performing at the New to Q show tomorrow night at the Tabernacle, London. He will be the opening act of the night, right before I Blame Coco and Mike Snow.

Here are a few things that have recently been written about Alex:
  • The songs are downbeat love songs, something Xenomania can do very well (Call the Shots, I Wish) and his gorgeous voice is striking. This is what differentiates him from a lot of male pop singers but what differentiates him from some acoustic signers like Paolo Nutini or James Morrison is that the songs aren’t dull. The only thing that may be missing is personality which doesn’t exactly shine through but it’s still early and with a decent video that could change and being good looking won’t harm him. Xenomania have transformed him from another acoustic singer to a singing and songwriting pop star. No male singer that’s been trying to do this sort of thing has broken through recently but he could be the one. It’s fair to say that Alex Gardner is a good package. The Chemistry Is Dead
  • The latest name to emerge from the talent pool that is the Xenomania production stable, UK teenager Alex Gardner arrives at a time when the solo male in the 2010 pop arena is a dime a dozen, and should benefit from this as he looks to make an impact in the charts in the new year. Under the production guidance of Xenomania heads Brian Higgins and Miranda Cooper, Gardner has co-written a collection of big, radio friendly pop songs. Music Week
  • Expressive, soulful vocals blaring out of a skinny white kid from the U.K., laid over some synths and a mid-temp dance beat? Hey, it certainly worked for Rick Astley. Idolator
  • Young, pretty and backed by Xenomania, if any young bloke can make it on today’s female-dominated pop market it’s Alex Gardner. The 18-year-old Scot can sing too which is a plus, and he wields a guitar like he means it. RealMusic Blog



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