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Alex Gardner is Popjustice's Song Of The Day
Posted at 11:29 PM, 04 January 2010 -

Alex Gardner's debut single "I'm Not Mad" is the "Song of the Day" on Popjustice. They say:

«Alex Gardner has been 'bubbling under' for about a year and this will be his first single - a rich, elegant tune and a good showcase for Alex's impressive pipes.

Key points:

1. It is 'electronic'.
2. It is also 'songy'.»

There's also a little write-up about Alex on Popjustice's frontpage with a clip of the song "Heartbreak".

Other music blogs say that Xenomania's production «gives his music that oomph it was lacking» (We Are Pop Slags) and that Alex Gardner is «one of the most exciting new male pop voices to look out for in 2010» (arjanwrites).

News Shopper has published an interview with Alex. He talks about his partnership with Brian Higgins: «With me and Brian it's different. I had an idea of what I wanted to do. He had an idea of what he wanted me to do. And it was bang in the middle.»

His debut album is set for release in the summer: «I have enough for a double-disk, with b-sides, which is a great situation to be in – the struggle of ‘I can’t take that one off’, ‘I’ve got to keep that one’.»

Alex Gardner will play at the New To Q session at Tabernacle, Powis Street, London, on January 27, alongside I Blame Coco and Miike Snow. After that he plays a series of headline shows up and down the UK, plus a gig at the Jazz Café in Camden as special guest to Paloma Faith.



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