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"I Wish" is out now
Posted at 10:18 AM, 14 December 2009 -

The new Mini Viva single is out in stores today.
"I Wish" is a song produced by Xenomania and written by Miranda Cooper, Brian Higgins, Lisa Cowling, Morgan Mackintosh, Owen Parker and Tim Powell.

The single is the follow-up to Mini Viva's debut "Left My Heart In Tokyo" and comes backed with a remix by Cahill.


CD: HMV, Juno.co.uk
Download: iTunes UK, 7Digital

  • "I Wish" is an instant modern pop classic. NME
  • 'I Wish' is a misty-eyed disco-pop nugget, full of regret and longing, whose irresistible chorus has just the right hint of the Vengaboys to it. Britt and Frankee, meanwhile, display just as much lively vocal charm as they did first time out. 4/5 Digital Spy
  • Mini Viva's 'Left My Heart In Tokyo' is one of 2009's signature pop tunes and Mini Viva pull it out of the bag again with the wistfully romantic 'I Wish'.
    To these ears it's one of the best tunes to have come out of Westerham since 'Call The Shots' and it shares that song's uptempo/downcast discoballad qualities. 'I Wish' also comes equipped with one of the year's most delicate and glittery middle eights. Splendid stuff. Popjustice
  • Dreamy melodies, soaring instrumentation and electronic-bleeps a-plenty combine to provide a gorgeous backing for the vocals of the duo. The end result is a Girls Aloud-style song that is elevated to the next level by the vocal performances of both girls. When they harmonise they sound truly gorgeous. Entertainment Focus
  • Practice makes perfect: “I Wish” is a direct descendant of previous Xenomania sad-disco ballads “The Loving Kind” and “Call the Shots”, true, but it puts both of its predecessors to shame. Did either of those two songs have anything as lovely as the “oh no” bits here? 9/10 Keane Tzong
  • It looks and sounds like the very essence of great pop distilled into 4 minutes. Everything about it screams of youth, vitality and energy, but at the same time it’s wistful and melancholy. (...) bearing all of Xenomania’s trademarks; a gorgeous, achingly melodic record with two choruses, and a beautiful middle eight. It has the pop nous of the Pet Shop Boys, the sadness of late-period ABBA, and the air of being a proper Spice Girls type catch-all hit single. (...) In fact not only is I Wish probably the last great single of the 00s, but Mini Viva may well prove to be the first great pop group of the 10s. Totally Dublin
  • A glittering, synthy delight with beautiful lyrics, "oh oh oh oh oh"'s and a wistful sound. FABTASTIC! Music
  • It's that distinct brand of perfect, dreamy wonderfulness - this isn't cheap, disposable pop, but something crafted, something of real quality - a work ethic Xenomania have always strived to achieve. And applied to Mini Viva it delivers in full.
    With a strong, soulful vocal delivery over a cascade of trademark Xenomania synths, I Wish is at once heartbreakingly beautiful and amazingly upbeat. It's music for the sun breaking out from a bank of clouds and turning a dull grey day upside down. Rich, fulfilling, well-produced, fun - its pop music at its absolute best. L. Green "Feltano"
  • A slightly more glittery version of that Xenomania/Girls Aloud ballad template which, in the Cahill mix, channels its inner Vengaboys especially clearly — just listen to the “oh… no” hook and try not to think of “Boom Boom Boom Boom!”. But crucially, it longs that little bit more open-heartedly and accessably than “Call The Shots”, possibly because the two Mini Viva girls are more distinct to hear than any of Girls Aloud (except for Nadine). A slow-burner, but a fantastic one. 9/10 Edward Okulicz



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