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Mini Viva, the perfect pop package
Posted at 10:43 PM, 20 December 2009 -


"I Wish" seems to have got lost in this week's UK singles chart, among all the chart battles, the X-Factor crew and the Christmas cash-ins. Having entered the charts at number 73, the result is not what we wished for and not what the song deserved.

"I Wish" may not be as colourful, quirky and busy as "Left My Heart In Tokyo", but its charm comes from showing a more vulnerable side, with an understated subtlety and a dreamy melodic twinkle. Both singles are brilliant, it's unfortunate that they didn't get the same response in terms of sales.

It was certainly great to have Mini Viva around in 2009, and we can't wait to hear more from Britt and Frankee in 2010. The press has nothing but good things to say about the girls. T5M believe that Mini Viva are «the perfect pop package», two girls «on a mission, resisting an overly polished look and sound in favour of one that gets their fun and quirky approach across». Mini Viva would agree with that. They told T5M: «We don’t want to stand there and look pretty. We’ve got more to offer. We’ve got attitude».

Mini Viva's debut album should be out around March 2010. «It's all finished now. We actually write 50% of our stuff, so it was great to get the chance to work over a whole album», they said in an interview with the BBC. They were encouraged to write their songs by Xenomania: «We're really grateful they pushed us to do it. Because we love it, and we've grown as writers. It's like a habit now.»

They add: «We learnt that you have to go through a lot of ideas and tracks before you strike gold. That's what happened with I Left My Heart In Tokyo, and that's what's good about Xenomania - they want us to push, and push, and push until we get a great song. They're not just saying "oh yeah, that'll do as an album track". They want us to really think about what we're writing.»

[Pictures taken by David Hart, at the G-A-Y night. See more pictures here.]



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