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Jessie Malakouti: born to be a pop star
Posted at 3:21 PM, 20 December 2009 -

Jessie Malakouti is set to be launched in the new year. Her first official single, "Standing Up For The Lonely", will be released on January 18th, with her debut album following in the spring.

News of the World recently tipped her as Xenomania's «pop princess for 2010», while the latest issue of GayTimes describes her as «the (implausibly conceived) lovechild of Britney, Gwen and Lene from Aqua», adding that she «was born to be a pop star».

Jessie grew up in a place where people «did drugs, joined a gang or got out». While growing up, she listened to pop music like Annie Lennox, Madonna and Cyndi Lauper - women with «a real strong sense of identity». She says: «Music saved me. At 16, I drove to Hollywood and lived out of my car. It gave me stars in my eyes and I dreamed of a glamorous life.»

She was a member of Shut Up Stella for a couple of years, when she met Brian Higgins. Once the band finished, she flew to the UK to work as a writer on Girls Aloud's Out of Control. But she kept the songs for herself: «The songs felt like mine, emotionally, so, when Brian said we could keep the songs for me to record, I was more than happy!».

She spoke to RWD magazine about working with the team: «Xenomania don't try and change who you are, they just take your best qualities and enhance them». Jessie has incorporated her experiences into her music, which is all self-penned. «It's who I am, it's almost like it's tattooed on my heart», she says.


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