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Fred Falke: it's all about the bassline
Posted at 8:31 PM, 09 December 2009 -

French DJ and producer Fred Falke was one of the most active remixers of 2009. He is also producing his own solo material and is working with Xenomania.

Falke began his career as a bass player before starting to produce records in the late '90s. His background as a bass player is what makes his remixes stand out. In a recent (and rare) interview, he explained that the bass line is the key: «I always start with the bass line. The bass line and the melody of the song are the two key elements. I always need to find a bass line that people can dance to».

Rather than just stretching out the original songs into an endless/tedious mantra, his remixes have added substance, with deep basslines, sunshine synths and plenty of room for dancefloor action. This year, Falke has remixed songs from artists like Annie, Gossip, Miami Horror, Robbie Williams, Ke$ha, U2 or Music Go Music.

He has also co-written recent Xenomania songs such as Alesha Dixon's "The Light", Jessie Malakouti's "Standing Up For The Lonely", Sarah Harding's "Too Bad" (from the upcoming St Trinian's film) and Mini Viva's "Left My Heart In Tokyo" (where he also plays the bass).

The Mini Viva single came out of writing sessions with Annie and Xenomania. Falke said in an interview: «I was really amazed, I stayed with them for two weeks working on tracks. Miranda Cooper and Brian are amazing songwriters, and everyone who works there with them is so talented. Everyone there is working, working non-stop, which is something I really like».

He adds: «When I see the amount of success they achieve, you can’t do that if you’re not working constantly. But at the same time, everyone at Xenomania loves music and loves making music. It’s not like a factory, it’s about making a lot of great tracks — sharing your ideas with everyone. It’s unique».



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