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Christmas Countdown: Girls Aloud - Christmas Round At Ours
Posted at 11:39 AM, 21 December 2009 -

Girls Aloud are a lot more Christmassy than most groups: they have the best Christmas No.1 of the decade, they released a mini Christmas album and they make people feel happy and warm inside, just like Christmas (err).

So they can get away with recording a Christmas song that sounds nothing like a Christmas song. Sonically, "Christmas Round At Ours" wouldn't sound out of place in one of Blur's early albums.

It's a a funny little song about kisses under the mistletoe and the boring side of a family Christmas. As Tom Ewing accurately puts it, it «captures the frustration of being just too old for a trad family christmas, too young to have hanging out with your mates as an escape route, and still wanting to enjoy the thing anyway».


Uncle Bernie's got me on his knee, chocolate fingers in his tea
He thinks he's super cool but he's a fool
And I've been sitting, waiting here for hours
Sydney won't get out the shower
Another lazy boring Christmas morning round at ours

Daddy, daddy told me
You'll never get from Santa what you're wanting to
If he know, he'd be cool
Oh, I'm not that bad, dad, yeah, yeah, yeah

It's boring at Christmas, I'm no kid anymore
And I'm too old for the panto and too young for the sauce
But when the bells start ringing,
I start grinning and lose my Christmas blues
I'll get my kiss under the mistletoe with you

Grandma's had the best of all the sweets, picking toffee out her teeth
She says she shoulda been a beauty queen
And mother sighs as everybody shouts, we don't want no soggy sprouts
Another lazy boring Christmas morning round at ours

Written by Miranda Cooper (Holly Bush), Brian Higgins (S. Claws), Lisa Cowling (Beth Lehem), Tim Larcombe (Henry Mistletoe) and Shawn Lee (Yuell Logg).

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