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Christmas Countdown: Girls Aloud - Count The Days
Posted at 12:59 AM, 20 December 2009 -

"Count The Days" is one of the four original songs on Girls Aloud's Chemistry Christmas CD (a bonus disc with Christmas songs that was included on the special edition of Chemistry).

It is up there with the best Girls Aloud ballads, with lovely melodies and delicate vocals from the girls. It sounds like a typical acoustic ballad, but the layers of sound and beautiful arrangements turn it into something a bit more special. And although it does have several Christmas references, "Count The Days" is simply a love song, about longing to be with someone.

It was produced by Brian Higgins and written by Miranda Cooper, Brian Higgins, Lisa Cowling, Tim Larcombe and Shawn Lee. The song credits of the Chemistry bonus CD were very amusing, with each Xenomania member adopting a festive pseudonym for themselves (Brian Higgins was "S. Claws", Miranda Cooper was "Holly Bush", etc.).


I would write a thousand letters just to talk to you
I would climb a hundred mountains just to be with you
I would make it snow in summer if it meant you'd stay
Turn back time when we're together, make it Christmas day

Look at the stars twinkling bright in the dark
Like the snow in the cold winter sun
Here by the fire, the sound of your voice warms my heart
But it don't feel like Christmas without you in my arms

All over town people running around, they've got stars in their eyes
Hurrying home to be close to the one that they love
Light on the tree, shining shadows on me as I wait by the fire
Presents and dreams, but for me you'd be enough

I'll be waiting by the phone, 'till my baby's coming home
I'll be praying every night you'll be back soon by my side
I'll be waiting by the phone 'till my baby's coming home
I'll be praying every night you'll be back soon by my side

Count the days, count the days, I've been so lonely
Come home baby, it ain't Christmas 'till you're here with me
Count the days, count the days 'till this wait is through
Come home baby, Christmas just ain't the same without you

When I think my world could fall apart
And I'm damn near broken in my heart, and my world is falling down
In my mind I will keep you safe from harm 'till you're lying in my arms
Until then I'll wait somehow

Written by Miranda Cooper (Holly Bush), Brian Higgins (S. Claws), Lisa Cowling (Beth Lehem), Tim Larcombe (Henry Mistletoe) and Shawn Lee (Yuell Logg).

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