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Preview the new St. Trinian's soundtrack
Posted at 7:03 PM, 29 November 2009 -

The soundtrack of the St. Trinian's II: The Legend of Fritton's Gold film will be released on December 14th. It features eight songs produced by Xenomania: five by the Banned of St Trinian's and three by Girls Aloud member Sarah Harding. Banned of St Trinian's single "Up and Away is now available to download on iTunes.

Amazon has clips of each song on the soundtrack - click here to listen. Throughout the week, Popjustice has also selected four songs from the soundtrack as Song Of The Day. Here's what they say (click the song titles for 30 second clips):

-- Banned Of St Trinian's - Up & Away
'Banned Of St Trinian's' are basically a sort of Xenomania house band who've contributed a handful of tracks to the new St Trinian's soundtrack album.
'Up & Away' is one of the best Banned Of St Trinian's contributions - it might not have the polish or finishing touches one requires in a big chart record but the song itself sounds like a bit of a hit. Except it's been pissed away on this soundtrack album so it probably never will be a hit. But that somehow makes its existence here all the more exciting.

-- Banned Of St Trinian's - Jump Off
Here's another track from the new St Trinian's soundtrack, a Xenomania-authored raveular pop tune which contains the line "we can make our own kind of voodoo or we can spend the night in like you do" and for that reason alone should be burned to disc, vacuum sealed in some sort of outsized Thermos flask then fired into space as an example to other civilisations of how we make pop music on Planet Earth.

-- Banned Of St Trinian's - I Can Get What I Want
It's quite 'What Will The Neighbours Say?'-era Girls Aloud-ish in feel and it has precisely three amazing bits in it. That's three more than most songs, readers.

-- Sarah Harding - Too Bad
The surprisingly brilliant 'Too Bad' is the best of three Sarah Harding solo tracks on the 'St Trinian's 2: The Legend Of Fritton's Gold' soundtrack.
It starts off like Julian Lennon's 'Too Late For Goodbyes' then lets rip into a massive arms-aloft Dannii Minogue-style chorus, has a big sort of rapped bit in the middle, and even makes time for a little nod towards Westworld's 'Sonic Boom Boy'.
If we may humbly suggest a placement for 'Too Bad' in your Girls Aloud playlists, slotting the track somewhere in between 'Close To Love' and 'Girl Overboard' would probably do nicely.

Popjustice also points out that some of the songs on the soundtrack sound «a bit like the first draft of a Girls Aloud album»: «most of the songs sound like they would benefit from a bit more magic dust - but it's a pretty great soundtrack album, is far better than it really needs to be and is, we imagine, about 100 times better than the film».

They add: «In a year without a Girls Aloud album it's a better Girls Aloud album than the Cheryl Cole album».

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