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Annie: "Brian Higgins is much more of a songwriter and is very focused on the actual writing of a song"
Posted at 9:30 PM, 12 November 2009 -

Annie recently mentioned in an interview that working with Xenomania on her latest album allowed her to focus more on the songwriting:

«Brian [Higgins] was working more with the songs and challenging me in many ways. I really liked that, and it was something I wanted to do more on this album; concentrate more on the actual songs and what I wanted to say and how I wanted it to represent me».

She added: «What I found so cool about working with him is that he's much more of a songwriter and is very focused on the actual writing of a song. That was very interesting for me. When you work with producers, they're thinking more about the production and they leave all the lyrics and songwriting to [the artist].»

Annie is now part of the Xenomania team, working on songwriting for other artists: «I never thought that was really possible to do, but Brian really liked my songwriting and asked if I'd be interested in writing for other artists as well since they don't work with all that many songwriters. For me, it was very inspiring to get to write other songs ― it made me think differently.»

Don't Stop will be released in the U.S. on 17th November. The album continues to receive an excellent response from the press. Here's an updated round-up of the reviews:

  • Xenomania-abetted lipstick-pop genius finally strikes. 8/10 NME
  • It's a delightful confection, filled with attention to detail and perfectly turned – and deserving of your attention. 4/5 The Guardian
  • With Don’t Stop she has created a vital pop record, one that in 2009 sounds even more relevant, vital and absolutely necessary than Anniemal did back when it was released. 90% onethirtybpm
  • It’s brilliant - packed full of the sort of songs that would get X Factor judges saying things like “Smashed it” and contains enough moments to inspire a whole second generation of wannabes like Little Boots. 7/10 Drowned In Sound
  • Featuring some of the most inventive producers in pop and steered by a singer who knows her way round a catchy melody or five, Don't Stop is one of the best pop albums of 2009. 4.5/5 musicOMH
  • A bold collection on which Annie rarely puts a foot wrong. 4/5 Uncut Magazine
  • Probably still unlikely to connect with a populace happy to make do with Akon and Jason Mraz, obviously, but an absolute triumph in every other sense. The Quietus
  • 12 slices of sublime pop genius, and one ranks right up there with the best contemporary female pop. BBC Music
  • It re-affirms Annie as the greatest pop star not to break through this decade. 8/10 Planet Sound
  • [A] juxtaposition of sadness and electro-pop ecstasy 3.5./5 Slant Magazine
  • This is an album packed with perfectly pitched electro-pop, atmospheric 80s-tinged ballads and brilliantly withering put-downs – what more could you ask for? 4/5 This is Leicestershire



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