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Pre-order "Left My Heart In Tokyo"
Posted at 11:09 PM, 16 August 2009 -

Mini Viva's debut single "Left My Heart In Tokyo" can now be pre-ordered on iTunes. Order the song now and you'll be able to download it from 6th September.

The single comes with a remix by Chris Lake. You can listen to it here.

The girls were recently interviewed by Vagabond for FemaleFirst. Here's another "Tokyo" review roundup. Lots of love coming for this song:
  • So, just as the Sugababes return to fighting form, a new challenger enters. In the POW! corner are Xenomania's bright young hopes punching well above their weight. Presiding over a rush of gutsy digital disco-pop that evokes the bustling neon thrill of city streets, Britt Love and Frankee Connolly are as sassy, tough and brilliant as the 'Babes in their prime. It's so on. NME
  • (...) it's an absolute monster of a pop hit, making The Saturdays' slightly lame efforts to take Girls Aloud's throne the see-through nonsense they are. But MiniViva are, on this evidence, the real deal. Metro
  • (...) Left My Heart In Tokyo, four minutes of what the cultural documentors of the future will define as 'Pop Music Genius'. Written by Xenomania, its brilliance lies somewhere between it's Radio 1-ness, its Baleric-ness and its sheer 2012-ness. Basically it's the sound of the opening ceremony in Stratford. Whisper Mag
  • Mini Viva, two 20 year old brittish chicks who'll dig a hole in your brain as soon as you hear them. Addictive lyrics, attitude, a good rythm and a flashy top end video should drive these girls up the charts in no time. Charly Le Frenchy
  • This song is what you might call ‘quality pop music’, the sort of stuff Girls Aloud turn out for 3 out of every 4 singles. In my mind it’s what Madison Avenue’s ‘Don’t Call Me Baby’ might have sounded like 10 years on, only a bit better. I would go as far as to say I love this song. MiTunes
  • An instant smash from the moment it reaches the first adrenalin-rush of the chorus, this is the kind of feel-good future pop that Xenomania have perfected over recent years. Mini Viva themselves really sell the song - for whilst the track is trashy pop fun, they deliver their vocals with serious intent and cool detachment. Lines like "left my heart in Tokyo, down by the river" might sound inane (on paper) but somehow on record it just feels right. Throw in some pseudo Japanese instrumental breaks, a huge slab of bassline and an excellent build up towards the final chorus and this track's a winner. Contender for pop single of the year. Truecolours09



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