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Mini Viva interviewed and reviewed
Posted at 3:39 PM, 28 August 2009 -

Mini Viva have been putting the finishing touches to their debut album, which will hit the shops in November. The girls have co-written about half the songs with Xenomania. Frankee Connolly (Viva) told Digital Spy: «Every song on the album is quite different to 'Tokyo' because we want to pull in a different audience on every song. We want to keep surprising people.»

Their "funky fresh" debut single will be released on September 7th (iTunes pre-order). In case you haven't figured out what "Left My Heart Is Tokyo" is about, Frankee explains: «It's about how nobody can live up to that guy you had in Tokyo. All other guys can get lost really!».

Britt Love (Mini) says that in Xenomania HQ «there's such a good, positive vibe». Frankee says: «We're so privileged to work with them because they really know what they're doing. They're like a modern-day Motown and I can't really imagine working with anyone else.»

While working on their album, Mini Viva bumped into Cheryl Cole (Viva: «She said she'd heard our song on the radio on the way to Xenomania and loved it, which was amazing to hear»), Alexandra Burke (Mini: «We saw Alexandra Burke there too and said a quick hello. She's a nice girl») and Alesha Dixon (Viva: «She cracks me up. I love her cackle!»).

Britt and Frankee have a busy time ahead of them. Frankee talked about it in an interview by her local paper The Citizen: «We’ve been told we’re not allowed a holiday for two years and everyone is like, you’re travelling the world anyway, but we’re working so it’s not going to be so easy, we won't get the free time.»

«We’ve been working on all this for two years, for our first single. But it seems to have gone so fast and I can’t believe that soon people will be recognising me in the street». Frankee admits that she is secretly very shy: «When I was little I always dreamed of being a pop star, I think every girl does, but I never thought it was going to happen because I was always quite shy. I was never confident to sing in front of people. I even hated improvisations and reading out in front of the class. I think everyone from school is going to be really shocked that the shy girl they knew is a pop star!»

Mini Viva are giving away a free mp3 of a new song titled "Bedroom Viber", which is already receiving positive blog reviews - the king of pop blogs, Popjustice, has even picked it as "Song Of The Day". Head over to the Mini Viva widget to download the song and see Mini & Viva dancing.
  • Today's Song Of The Day was going to be something else but then we realised that even a track Mini Viva are giving away free was better, so here's a Mini Viva song called 'Bedroom Viber'. It's not, to our knowledge, slated as a single ('I Wish' and 'Hooked' are the closest contenders from what we've heard) but 'Bedroom Viber' is a jolly little number and 'no mistaking' (...). Popjustice
  • Bedroom Viber is another (curiously titled) song from the girls and, although it's not quite as frenetic, it's just as catchy. It reminds me in many ways of something Girls Aloud would perform, which is a high compliment in the pop universe. The rocky beat coupled with the explosive chorus and hook combine to create a standout electro-pop track that bodes well for the album. Awesome. #1 Hits From Another Planet
  • OK this one is quite good and worth your email address in exchange. I hate it when bands give you their crappiest track for free download for your email, but if this is Mini Viva's crappiest track, then something tells me the album is gonna be a stomper. Electroqueer

"Left My Heart In Tokyo" also continues to receive a whole lotta love:
  • You've got to hand it to new duo MINI VIVA. Their debut single I Left My Heart In Tokyo is the best bit of pop I've heard in a while. I reckon it's in with a good shout for No1 when it comes out in September. The girls, big-haired FRANKEE and BRITT, are in the tradition of DAPHNE AND CELESTE or SALT 'N' PEPA. The Sun
  • When it comes to Xenomania songs, it's more about the song than the vessel. You open the box and you get late 90's dance beats, sassy girls singing nonsensical lyrics, and while it should be a mess, it all comes together. Rhymes With Bag
  • (...) Their debut single sounds like a chart invader. With its swooning chorus, inventive, disco-tinged production and lyrics that sound great even when they don't quite make sense, 'Left My Heart In Tokyo' is vintage Xenomania. As for Mini Viva themselves - Britt and Frankee, in case you were wondering - they show enough girlish sass to suggest they're more than just faces for a group of pop tunesmiths. A group of really good pop tunesmiths, to be precise. 4/5 Digital Spy



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