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Vagabond update: playlisted on Radio 1 & 2, remix, live reviews
Posted at 8:00 PM, 08 July 2009 -

"Don't Wanna Run No More" has been added to BBC Radio 2's B-list and is now C-listed on Radio 1.

You can listen to the Bimbo Jones remix of the song on YouTube. The single is out on August 3rd.

Meanwhile, Vagabond will be busy touring the UK. These are this month's scheduled dates:

10 Jul T in the Park
11 Jul Liverpool Echo Arena (With Mcfly)
12 Jul Mouth Of The Tyne Festival
12 Jul Durham Cricket Ground (Supporting James Morrison)
16 Jul ITUNES FESTIVAL - The Roundhouse, London
17 Jul Rochester Castle (With Mcfly), Kent

Read a few recent live reviews:
  • Support-act Vagabond gained a huge reception from the 10,000 strong crowd after performing a string of quality, high tempo hits from album You Don't Know The Half Of It. In Alex Vargas, the band have a lead singer who oozes cool. His rock star haircut and confident swagger on stage are reminisent of a young Lenny Kravitz, definitely a group to look out for. Click Liverpool
  • Their look (apologies for beginning with the superficial) is… unusual. The frontman with his long curly locks could be Michael Hutchence; funky, afro-haired bass player Sam wouldn’t look out of place in The Jackson Five and the other skinny two look like they should be in Franz Ferdinand. Yet when the music began, they all gelled well.
    The sound? It’s mainstream, but it’s darn catchy. old-fashioned, 70s-style soul balladry for those who loved the original r&b, with a touch of urban and white-man’s blues, their songs are pinned down by Vargas’ impressive, gritty vocals and his band-mates chilled-out grooves.
    The track that got the crowd going most tonight was debut single, er, ‘Sweat Until the Morning’, and if they can sing a song with a name like that and get away with it, then these boys surely have a future. The Irish World



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