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Vagabond interview: Michael Jackson, the group, the album
Posted at 1:24 PM, 05 July 2009 -

Vagabond's frontman Alex Vargas recently spoke about Michael Jackson and his influence on the band: «I can't believe it – it's such a loss. You can't reinvent music in 2009, you can only mix together what's come before - he was one of the last musicians to really make something unique and new.»

The band had spent the whole day in the Xenomania studios when they heard the news: «I got a call from a friend. Steve (Carter, guitarist) is the biggest fan so we ran over the road where Luke (Fitton, guitarist) lives and put the news on. History was the first album I spent my own money on and I guess he's had quite an influence on the band.»

Vagabond have been putting the finishing touches on their debut album - they recently recorded a new song titled "You Talk To Me". The album's synth-tinged rock and soulful guitar pop is seen as a surprising mix coming from the Xenomania team.

Alex denies feeling under pressure to match Xenomania's chart-topping success: «You can see it as pressure or as motivation. The way I see it is that it's great these people at the top believe in us. In fact I'm the one stressing myself out. I believe in the record so much – what if it doesn't do well? What do I do then? I'm so nervous about it, I've had to warn the guys that I'm going to be a ***** until the album comes out! A big ego is very heavy, so it's going to be a tough month.»

Vagabond met when they were working as backing musicians at the Xenomania mansion. «I was in there doing some work on my own music and as we got working together, it just worked», Alex says. «We all get on really well – we've said to each other that we want to be doing this for a long time, so we need to treat each other like family and have patience with each other and look out for each other.»

«It's important for me because I don't have my family around me here - I left home in Denmark when I was 17 to move to England, but I'm still close to them and I love going home and lying on the sofa while my mum runs around after me!»

Vagabond's buzz single "Sweat (Until The Morning)" recently played on EastEnders. Alex Vargas said in an interview that the song is based on a short fling he had: «[It] is basically just about sex, stopping to have a glass of wine and a smoke and then back to bed again». «"Sweat" is probably our most produced track and it’s definitely not the biggest track on the album but we decided to release it first to give people a taste of better things to come.»

He added: «There are a lot of uplifting songs on this album and we wanted to do this because there is a lot of depressing shit out there. It isn’t wrong but I think too many writers are afraid to admit they’re actually ok – we’re happy so we write uplifting music.»

Vagabond's debut album You Don't Know The Half Of It is set for release on August 17th. The single "Don't Wanna Run No More" is out on August 3rd.
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