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New Xenomania acts: a recap
Posted at 1:40 AM, 01 August 2009 -

21-year-old American singer/songwriter, professional dancer and actress. "Standing Up For The Lonely" is Jessie's official first single, to be released on Ministry of Sound on 21st September. Popjustice describes the song as «a defiant modern disco record with a slightly mournful, triumph-over-adversity element» and says that she «is destined for quite big things». Jessie is working on her debut album, to be released later this year.

Watch: Behind-the-scenes tour footage
Download: album sampler
Listen: "Standing Up For The Lonely"

Links: Official site, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, YouTube, Wikipedia
Upcoming shows: 15 Aug 2009 - Rock FM's Rock In The Park

British pop/rock band fronted by Brooke Gengras, a fantastic singer and performer from Brooklyn, NYC. Brooke has been a member of bands such as the soul-influenced Rider and Lez Zeppelin (an all-female Led Zeppelin tribute band), before being spotted by Xenomania's A&R. Pageboy are signed to Geffen and have been gigging for the last six months. Earlier this year, Pageboy were selected by The Times as one of the hot music acts of 2009.

Watch: "Brothers and Sisters" (live)
Listen: "Arms Around Me"

Links: MySpace, Twitter
Upcoming shows:
10 Aug 2009 Monto Water Rats, Londont
17 Aug 2009 LIVE at 229, Great Portland Street, London

21-year-old singer/songwriter from London. Eliza Noble started singing and playing guitar when she was 11 and she also plays the piano. She has been gigging for the last few years and is currently working on new music with Xenomania.

Listen: The One Way (demo)
Links: MySpace, Twitter
Upcoming shows:
5 Aug 2009 The Fly, London
10 Aug 2009 Monto Water Rats, Londont

16-year-old girl from the Bronx, NYC. Maxine Ashley is a sassy/soulful singer who's one part Neneh Cherry, one part Beyoncé. She has just started out with Xenomania.

Influences: Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Lil Wayne, India Arie, Paramore, Panic At The Disco.

Links: MySpace, YouTube, Twitter

17-year-old from Scotland, recently signed to Universal Records after a bidding war between three record labels. It's the biggest deal Universal has signed since Mika. He's been doing a weekly residence at Water Rats and recently performed at T in the Park - The Herald says he was «soulful and youthfully confident». Alex is currently working on his debut album, due this Autumn.

Watch: T in the Park live
"I've Tried"

Links: MySpace
Upcoming shows:
Aug 5 2009 - The Fly, London
Aug 17 2009 - Showcase:LIVE, London

Once part of the Electric City, the singer Andy Taylor and guitarrist/writer James Taylor have started up a new band called NiteVisions, with a leaner, more electro sound. Read a review of one their gigs: «(...) it has always been evident that these boys can write a Pop song, and if these early glimpses of Night Visions are anything to go by, the Taylors just keep getting better. This short set was brimming with 80’s synth sounds, jagged guitar work, phat with a capital ‘P-H-’ slap and slide bass lines and Indie-Disco drum beats».

Links: MySpace

Soulful soloist with a big voice. Once signed to Island as part of The Rushes, Gez O'Connell joined the Xenomania family this year and is one of their newest stand out talents. Recently performed at the iTunes festival.

  • JFK
Xenomania's in-house band, now turned into a "proper" band. They usually provide live backing for some of Xenomania's new roster of acts (those that don't actually have/are a "band" - Mini Viva, Jessie Malakouti, Alex Gardner, Eliza Noble).

Members: Jason Resch, Florrie Arnold, Kieran Jones

Mini Viva are Britt Love (20, Mini) and Frankee Connolly (19, Viva), a pop duo looked after by Xenomania and managed by Spice Girls’ former manager Simon Fuller. Debut single "Left My Heart in Tokyo" is already C-listed on Radio 1 and is Scott Mills' Record of the Week, 6 weeks before its release on September 7th. NME named Mini Viva «the next biggest girl band in the universe» and The Guardian says that Mini Viva are «the act most likely to encourage a productive dialogue between indie and pop, between the art world and the chart world». Mini Viva's debut album is out in November.

Links: Official site, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, press kit
Watch: Left My Heart In Tokyo (official video)
Listen: Bedroom Viba

International five-piece pop/rock band with a bluesy and soulful sound. They have been crafting their sound under the guidance of Brian Higgins/Xenomania and are signed to the newly reformed Geffen Records UK. Vagabond release their first physical single "Don't Wanna Run No More" on 3rd August 2009. Their debut album You Don't Know The Half Of It is available August 17th. Vagabond are heading out on tour this month, having previously toured with artists such as James Morrison, McFly and The Script. The Guardian says they could be «the world's biggest new band».

Watch: "Don't Wanna Run No More"
"Ladelle" (live)
Download: "Don't Wanna Run No More"
Links: Official site, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Bebo, Wikipedia

Upcoming shows:
6 Aug Bush Hall London
7 Aug Bristol Cooler Bristol
8 Aug Southampton Joiners Southampton
10 Aug Nottingham Bodega Nottingham
11 Aug Manchester Moho Manchester
12 Aug King Tuts Glasgow
14 Aug Cockpit Leeds
15 Aug Norwich Arts Centre
17 Aug Masque Liverpool
22 Aug V-Festival Stafford, Northwest
23 Aug V-Festival Chelmsford, East

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hi i just found this blog because i LOVE xenomania. thank you very much for keeping this up to date. i really like to hear the newest xenomania music

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