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Mini Viva playlisted on Radio 1
Posted at 11:31 AM, 23 July 2009 -

Mini Viva's "Left My Heart In Tokyo" has been added to the Radio 1 playlist (it's currently on the 1-Upfront List). George Ergatoudis, Radio 1's head of music, told The Guardian that the station is loving the single:

«We're loving Dizzee Rascal's Holiday and Mini Viva's Left My Heart in Tokyo now. They have that poppy-trance sound that works at the moment, perhaps because it echoes early-90s rave culture, which people associate with being outside and having a good time.»

"Left My Heart In Tokyo" has been receiving positive reviews from all over the web:

-- Digital Spy: Their debut single 'Left My Heart In Tokyo' - terrific title by the way - is a classic Xenomania confection: inventive production, quirky lyrics and loads of different musical ideas held together by the magnetic pull of an instant pop chorus.
We watched them perform four songs at a showcase gig earlier this week and we really liked what we saw. The girls look great together and have lots of fresh, zesty energy, all of which comes across in the 'Tokyo' video.

-- The Happiness Machine: "Left My Heart In Tokyo" is a deliciously hooky and kooky pop ditty which I do hope will be afforded some decent chart success alongside the usual, more forgettable chart fodder!

-- Karinski: It’s a brilliant buzz of disco pop which couples the best Xenomania rapping since ’strippers in the vicars in the back’ with a gloriously funky bassline and some cheesy oriental sounds. Plus hold out there for the middle 8 and it’s pummeling strings. Live they are a bundle of fun, and have a real instinctive quality to their performance – they know exactly what the other one is getting up to. (...) I always talk in some kind of idiot manner about how it’s really important your favourite pop star is either really aspirational (La Roux, Atomic Kitten) or stark raving bonkers (Gaga) and these pair really fit into the aspirational quality.

-- Popjustice: (...) Mini Viva's video for 'Left My Heart In Tokyo' [is] FUN and ACCESSIBLE but it's also SMART and STYLISH. *Champagne all round*
This isn't even their best song. Amazing.

-- This Must Be... POP!: At last the Mini Viva campaign is properly kicking into gear, and if all goes well they'll soon be the pop superstars they have the potential to become. (...) The song is more dancey than GA or The Saturdays and this is perhaps a good key to getting Radio 1 on board, since they always seem to fall for the old trick of "it's not pop, it's (insert cooler genre here)!" The video is as sparkly and exciting as the song and the girls themselves, and wouldn't be out of place on The Box ten years ago, so Mini Viva are definitely a throwback to the good old days of girly pop bands. I don't think they're the next Spice Girls, but they'll do a great job of filling in while GA are on hiatus.

"Left My Heart In Tokyo" is out on 7th September. The single comes with remixes by Pete Hammond, Treasure Fingers, Acid Girls, Chris Lake, Kush and Spog.

Watch the video here.



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