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"Left My Heart In Tokyo": radio support, sample, reviews roundup
Posted at 11:31 PM, 27 July 2009 -

Mini Viva's debut single is the Record Of The Week on the Scott Mills show on Radio 1. Text 81199 and tell him what you think about the song.

A Xenomania spokesperson has informed us that the arpeggiated synth melody (similar to "Azure" by Slam) that builds up to the chorus of "Left My Heart In Tokyo" is definitely not a sample. The arpeggio present in the middle section of the song is in fact a preset sound generated by an ARP 2600 virtual synthesizer by Arturia.

"Left My Heart In Tokyo" is out on September 7. The single has been getting a very good response. NME blogger Jaimie Hodgson says that this is «the catchiest single of 2009» and InStyle believe that Mini Viva are «literally the most fabulous new pop duo in, well, forever».

Read the latest reviews:

-- Music Week: Xenomania have been busy of late and Mini Viva, are one of the projects keeping the studio desk warm. Pop duo doing infectious, upbeat, radio friendly pop.

-- InStyle: These girls will be H.U.G.E. (...) Mini Viva is literally the most fabulous new pop duo in, well, forever. Mancunian Frankee Connolly (19) and Geordie Britt Love (20), are the girls with the lungs and the poptastic tunes.
With the weight of the Xenomania production team (who've worked with Sugababes, Girls Aloud and Kylie) and a management team comprising Simon Fuller and his team at 19 (the Beckhams, the Spice Girls) behind them, we don't need to be remotely psychic to predict their success. Need more convincing? Their first disco-fabulous single Left my Heart in Tokyo is catchier than swine flu.

-- Daily Star: Xenomania and Simon Fuller have struck the jackpot with new duo Mini Viva. (...) I checked them out at a champagne and jumbo cupcake-fuelled launch and was impressed. Debut single Left My Heart In Tokyo, out September 7, is nuts, meanwhile Hooked has all the hallmarks of a smash hit.
Full marks for the synchronised arms. My verdict: Dance moves and songs for a new generation.

-- Electroqueer: Cute girls, good tunes and fresh like a loaf o bread straight outta the oven. With the massive onslaught of girl bands coming out right now, it will be interesting to see if they can live up to the hype. Regardless "I Left My Heart In Tokyo" is a sick pop diddy and I'm I love the whole disco vibe it brings to the table - you can't really make this song any better can you? But holla! There's a Fred Falke Dub!

-- DizzyPop!!: Basically they have a xenomania sound that updates the Mel and Kim vibe from the 80s, mixes in some Girls Aloud friendly verses and sprinkles it with some Betty Boo type rapping. It's like a tour through the greatest hits of pop and could well bring the girls some attention and success. I quite like it, but I can't help but feel the best is yet to come from these girls...



Blogger David C said...

I really thought that was a Slam sample as well. Text Scott Mills but he never answered my text. ;-)

July 29, 2009 at 9:25 PM  

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