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The Xenomania house band: JFK
Posted at 6:00 PM, 25 June 2009 -

Jason Resch, Florrie Arnold and Kieran Jones are three of the musicians working as Xenomania's in-house band. They usually provide live backing for some of Xenomania's new roster of acts (those that don't actually have/are a "band" - Mini Viva, Jessie Malakouti, Alex Gardner, Eliza Noble).

Popjustice's Xenofest review tells us that for the time being they're called "JFK" (Jason-Florrie-Kieran). Besides playing live, they've already co-wrote and played as session musicians on several Xenomania records. They could be to Xenomania what the Funk Brothers were to Motown, by
contributing with a recognizable sound and providing sonic consistency to Xenomania's output.

Here's a little bit about them. Ladies first:


Florrie Arnold is a 20-year-old professional drummer living in London. She used to play with the She Creatures, has worked with Guy Chambers, and is now part of Xenomania's in-house band.

She played the drums on two of Xenomania's biggest hits in recent years: Girls Aloud's "The Promise" (plus a few more songs on Out of Control) and Alesha's "The Boy Does Nothing" (as well as "Don't Ever Let Me Go", also on The Alesha Show).

The Xenofest review from GQ magazine reads: «A bunch of impossibly young looking musicians took to the stage. It turned out they were Xenomania's house band - the grizzled old hands compared to the actual acts. The drummer, female and devastatingly blonde and pretty was 19 years old. Many of the assembled thirty-something music hacks shuffled uncomfortably, and talked about it being time to change career.»

You can watch several videos of Florrie's drumming on YouTube.

JASON RESCH (guitar) and KIERAN JONES (bass)

Jason Resch (20, guitar) and Kieran Jones (19, bass) are two Australian musicians who used to play together in a heavy rock band. They caught the eye of Brian Higgins while playing a gig in Melbourne and then moved to England to work with Xenomania.

Jason and Kieran co-wrote Girls Aloud's #1 hit "The Promise", which won the award for Best British Single at this year's BRIT Awards.

They've also played on most of Xenomania's recent output, including Gabriella Cilmi, Alesha Dixon, Girls Aloud and Pet Shop Boys.

Pet Shop Boys often talk about them in recent interviews - they're usually referred to as the "young Australian guys" who play bass & guitar in Xenomania's attic.

"Beautiful People", a song from Pet Shop Boys' latest album Yes, started out as a folky ballad and was later completely transformed by Kieran and Jason. Neil Tennant said in an interview: «The guys from Xenomania put a 60s beat on it and that made it much more powerful than it was - very catchy.»

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