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Saint Etienne - Now 4 EP
Posted at 12:39 PM, 11 June 2009 -

Earlier this year, Bob Stanley from Saint Etienne said that he would offer a unique Saint Etienne CD to everyone who would help him fill the holes in his "Now That's What I Call Music!" CD collection.

The collection is now complete, and Bob has sent a special Saint Etienne EP called "Now 4" to everyone who's tracked down the missing NOW CDs.

The EP is signed and limited to 72 copies and includes 4 tracks: "Gotta Jump" (an unreleased mix of the Xenomania-produced "Got A Job"), "Back To 95", "Like A Motorway" and the Matt Dixon/Simon Li mix of "Soft Like Me".

Here's the tracklist with liner notes written by Bob Stanley:

1) Gotta Jump (Xenomania/Cracknell/Stanley/Wiggs) 2005 / 3.02
"This ended up as the b side of Side Streets - except it was the wrong mix (a demo) and had the wrong title (bad phone line). So here is the finished Xenomania recording for the first time. An attempt to get inside the mind of a snotty teenager, dozens of whom lurked in the Xenomania foyer, sniggering when we walked in"

Listen to "Gotta Jump":

2) Back to '95 (Quinones/Stanley/Wiggs) 1995 / 6.46
"The start of 1995 was soundtracked by Baby D's Let Me Be Your Fantasy and N Trance's Set You Free, which promised a year of top atmos-breakbeat pop. It didn't quite materialise, but we were so enthused that we recorded this tribute to the modern world with Vanessa from Espiritu. It's hard to imagine the tempo changes working, in retrospect, but I wish we'd pressed a few white labels. Within five years, there was a club in London called Back to '95. So it wasn't just us, then. Sadly - or wisely - we didn't have a crack at UK Garage in 2000, much as we loved Re Rewind, Sweet Like Chocolate, Flowers etc."

3) Like a Motorway [Japanese Version] (Stanley/Wiggs) 1994 / 5.47
"It seemed like a good idea, for our Japanese tour of December '94, to press a one track CD to give away at the shows. What better than to sing in Japanese? France Gall did it, after all. It was pointed out to us, by the means of blanket silence, that our hosts might think we were poking fun. So it was shelved, sweet but entirely useless."

4) Soft Like Me [Li Dixon Red Corner Remix] (Cracknell/Stanley/Wiggs/George) 2002 / 7.52
"When Soft Like Me was given an appropriately soft release by Mantra, the 12" was scrapped. Which meant no home for this mix of our potentially advert-soundtracking, Home Counties G-Funk classic. Matt Dixon has since become a major cog in Xenomania's smooth machinery. His ambition is to produce a duet between Kimberley Walsh and Fernando Torres."



Blogger daavid said...

OMG "Gotta Jump" sounds better than anything on Turnpike! Typical St. Etienne, I suppose, leaving the best tracks for obscure uber-fans-only compilations.

June 11, 2009 at 9:40 PM  

Blogger ana patrícia said...

It's a much better version, that's for sure. I never really paid much attention to "Got a Job" because to me it sounded too skeletal and unfinished, but this version sounds so much brighter and vivid. I love it now!

June 12, 2009 at 12:00 AM  

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