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Girls Aloud Singles Boxset: The Rarities Disc
Posted at 2:36 PM, 29 June 2009 -

The Girls Aloud Singles Boxset is finally being shipped out. The special edition set features Girls Aloud's 21 singles, all packaged in a metallic mini-flight case.

With over 13 hours of music, the set includes all the b-side singles, remixes, original single artwork, videos, games and a 64 page booklet.

It also includes a bonus disc featuring all sorts of rare demos, alternate versions and rare tracks. You can still buy a box set (£45 + shipping) at Girls Aloud's official online store.

These are the songs that appear on the rarities disc:

1. No Good Advice (original demo)
We've posted this one before. The main difference from the finished "No Good Advice" is the backing track.

2. Long Hot Summer (alternate version 1)
It has the same backing track, but with completely different lyrics on Cheryl's verses and Nadine's verses and bridge (no rapping on this one...). Both the pre-chorus and chorus remain the same. Lyrics about "cruel girls" and "rude girls" and chasing the summer sun, dancing in Paris "until my feet turned blue", and in Miami getting "awful hot with you".

3. Long Hot Summer (alternate version 2)
Cheryl's verses have completely different lyrics, Nadine's bridge and the chorus remain the same. Still no rapping. Lyrics about "flirting with your best frie-e-e-e-end".

4. Sexy! No, No, No... (development track)
A different, funky intro, which then segues into the vocodered intro we know (and love). The track then falls into some sort of digital samba madness and fades out before Nadine's verses. Sounds like old computer/video game music in parts. It is indeed a "development track", with different sounds glued together.

5. On My Way To Satisfaction
A song from the soundtrack of the 2007 movie St. Trinian's. A guitar-led, full on attitude song with lead vocals by Sarah Harding.

6. Love Machine (original demo)
This was previously released on the Popjustice 2006 compilation album Popjustice: 100% Solid Pop Music. It's an unfinished early recording of "Love Machine" with totally different lyrics.

7. Some Kind Of Miracle (Illicit mix)

8. Something Kinda Ooooh (original demo)
Seems to be an edited version of the Tube City Mix. The song is majorly the same, only the music is different.

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