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Vagabond to play Glastonbury
Posted at 2:04 PM, 01 May 2009 -

Vagabond are confirmed to play Glastonbury this year. The band reveals on their MySpace blog that they are playing the Queens Head tent on Sunday (28th June).

Vagabond's "Don't Wanna Run No More" is the "Song of the day" on Popjustice:
«Half of Vagabond's album isn't really our sort of thing, half of it is really our sort of thing, and half of this album of three halves is this: an instant classic by the name of 'Don't Wanna Run No More'.
It may not exactly be the Friday rave anthem you were hoping for but sometimes, readers, the raving must cease.»
Their first single, "Sweat (Until The Morning)", has been remixed by Quiet Village. The single will be released on 8th June. Meanwhile, Vagabond have put up a YouTube contest:
«We'd like you to post your own renditions of Vagabond's Sweat in our new informal YouTube contest. It can be as serious or as funny as you like, and every week we'll be highlighting one of the best across all Vagabond's social networks, as well as favouritising it on the band's YouTube page.»
To enter the competition, add your video response to this playlist.

Check Vagabond's MySpace to see a list of upcoming shows. Here's a couple of recent live reviews:
  • My Bliss: «bliss saw Vagabond live last week and we were super impressed. Not only are these lads seriously fit (check out front man Alex Vargas - rock'n'roll pin-up material or what?) but they've got a repertoire of polished synth-tinged rock and a stage presence that makes us think they're gonna be BIG! Plus, they're produced by Xenomania (Girls Aloud), what more can we say..»
  • The Jitty: «By the time they’d played their first song Vagabond had the audience hooked even though the vast majority of the crowd had probably never even heard of them, potentially the hottest up and coming band for 2009. They played the songs with everything they had and they looked like they were enjoying themselves the whole time. Front man Alex Vargas’ strong voice impressed and the bassline from Sam Odiwe shook the floor. With different melodies played over and under each other they had an impressive set. Vagabond went from real headbanging tunes through easy foot tapping songs to slow blues with ease making for an impressive half hour. The finished with their addictive single ‘Sweat (Until The Morning)’ which will be released on 8th June 2009. Their songs had people dancing, foot tapping and clapping without thinking about it – it just seemed like the nautral thing to do.
    When Vagabond left the stage they got massive cheers from eveyone in the concert hall. One lady said “I don’t like music but I loved that!”. Others were saying how “amazing” they were and how they wanted “to hear more”. It was like they were the band that the audience had come to see. I forgot it was James Morrison who was about to take center stage.»

Watch the first Vagabond tour diary: ("I've Been Wanting You" is playing in the background)

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