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"Untouchable" is out now
Posted at 11:57 AM, 27 April 2009 -

"Untouchable", the third and final single from Girls Aloud's album Out of Control, is in stores now.

It's available on two physical formats (CD and 7'' vinyl) and as a digital download. The CD includes the new b-side "It's Your Dynamite", while the limited edition 7" picture disc features the radio mix and the Thriller Jill Mix of "Love Is the Key".

"Untouchable" is a song written by Miranda Cooper, Brian Higgins, Tim Powell and Matt Gray, and it was produced by Brian Higgins and Xenomania.

Buy the single: HMV (CD-S), HMV (7'' vinyl), iTunes

Tracklists and formats:
01. Untouchable (Radio Edit)
02. It’s Your Dynamite

7'' Vinyl:
01. Untouchable (Radio Edit)
03. Love Is The Key (Thriller Jill Mix – from the Girls Aloud Party)

iTunes EP:
01. Untouchable (Album version)
02. Untouchable (Radio edit)
04. Untouchable (Bimbo Jones Club Mix)
05. Untouchable (Album Version Edit)

  • Untouchable is an epic seven-minute electro-thumper which builds slowly, explodes into life, drops out brilliantly, then bursts back into life with a lovely and poignant lyric about "beautiful robots dancing alone". The teeny-boppers may well scratch their heads, but it's one of the classiest and most ambitious pop songs of the year. MusicOMH
  • It’s the sky-scraping invisibility of ‘Untouchable’’s post-Ibiza power-balladeering, though, that really flexes their superhuman pop muscles. NME
  • If anything, though it seems a little short it makes the album version seem just a shade too long in retrospect. But those flaws are minor, and the climax of Nadine's "beautiful robots" outro remains astonishingly bizarre and the tune is their best in ages. 7/10 The Singles Jukebox
  • The original version of 'Untouchable' serves as the centrepiece on Girls Aloud's Out of Control album: it's a declaration of mutual solidarity, a raved up torch song and a pop tour de force all rolled into one. (...) It now comes in a shade under four minutes and the girls' vocals, for no apparent reason, have acquired a bit of vocoder in the edit. Some of the epic quality of the original has been lost, but 'Untouchable' remains surprising, thrilling and strangely moving - in short, classic Girls Aloud. 4/5 Digital Spy

Watch the video:

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