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Mini Viva at Camden Crawl tonight
Posted at 12:46 PM, 24 April 2009 -

Mini Viva, the new Xenomania duo, will be performing live tonight (8.10 pm) at the Popjustice stage in Camden Crawl (at Cuban Bar).

On their MySpace, the girls describe it as their "first official step into the music world". They have also written a little bit about themselves:

- Britt Love (pictured right)
«I'm really just your average 20 year old girl. I like clothes and music makes me tick. My passion in life is to entertain you!
I was born in the States but was brought up in a place called South Shields, Newcastle Upon Tyne, where I lived off the best Sunday dinners!!! lol
Fave hobbies - dancing, watching classic movies and listening to Ibiza chill out.
Fave colours - red and purple.
Fave food - Japanese / sushi, and Mexican (yum).
Fave things at the moment - leggings, high tops, chewing gum, Lady Gaga, sunglasses, Daisy (my dog), grapes, tofu, flip camera.»

- Frankee Connolly (pictured left)
«I'm Frankee - Francesca Rose Comolly. I'm 19 years old, born 23/10/89. As you can see I'm one half of Mini Viva. I'm from the North West of England.....Manchester, to be precise!
My background is white English mixed with Jamaican - thought I would drop that in there as people tend to ask me that a lot, so there you go, you all know now!
I love to sing. It's one of my passions in life and I'm very fortunate to be doing it as my career. I'm a family girl--some days I like to just chill out. Like every female, I'm addicted to shopping--I always have been, even when i have no money lol!
I was brought up around all sorts of music from soul to reggae, and that what I do still listen to up to today along with R'n'B, pop and lots more!
A few things I like to do are...
Go on holiday - I love the holiday vibe
Spend time with loved ones
Hang out with friends
Pig out now and again hehe!»

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