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"Yes": what the critics say
Posted at 2:11 PM, 23 March 2009 -

The new Pet Shop Boys album has been receiving positive responses from all over the press, with ratings ranging from 3/5 to 4.5/5.

Eye Weekly writes that Yes is «the poppiest, most accessible record the band have recorded since Very in 1992», while musicOMH says that «they're unleashing their most exuberant album in years», an «upbeat, insanely catchy album that contains barely a dull moment». The reviewer adds that Yes is «one of their best», «a super-concentrated hit of everything there is to enjoy about the Pet Shop Boys: danceable yet everyday pop, with irony behind the warmth and warmth behind the irony».

Digital Spy says that «at Yes's heart is a clutch of utterly joyous pop songs» and that collaborating with Xenomania «hasn't goaded the Pets into trying anything undignified. Yes sounds clean, fresh and contemporary but it never tries to get down with the kids». According to BBC News, Xenomania's influence is most apparent in «the heightened, pulsing beats and shiny, space-age sheen that see the Pet Shop Boys keep in touch with the current sound». BBC Music adds that "The Way It Used To Be" and "Love etc." are «the most perfect fusion of Xenomania and Pet Shop Boys sensibilities».

Time Out magazine assesses that «although the finished result is far more reserved than most Xenomaniacal albums, the PSBs' edge has clearly been refreshed by the collaborative process». However, The Independent declares that the Xenomania collaboration «seems at best unnecessary», while The Guardian writes that Yes «neither benefits nor suffers from Xenomania's attentions».

The Scotsman notes that the timing couldn't be better for a Pet Shop Boys comeback (it's not really a comeback, though, is it?): «after all – synthpop is, inescapably, the sound of 2009». «For better or worse, it's exactly what you might expect a Pet Shop Boys album to sound like in 2009», adds the reviewer. GigWise says that, while Yes won't invoke new revelations, «it does reinforce their importance as an asset to an industry they've largely kept at bay».

List of reviews: (last update: 28 March)

BBC Music
Digital Spy 4/5
Entertainment.ie 3/5
Eye Weekly
Gig Wise 3.5/5
musicOMH 4.5/5
New Statesman
NME 8/10
Q 3/5
Rockfeedback 4/5
Same Same
Time Out London 5/6
The Daily Record 4/5
The Guardian 3/5
The Independent 3/5
The Independent On Sunday
The List
The Mirror 3/5
The Music Fix 8/10
The Observer
The Quietus
The Scotsman 3/5
The Sun 4/5
The Sunday Times 3/5
This Is London 3/5
Uncut 3/5
Yahoo! Music 8/10

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