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Pet Shop Boys: the latest
Posted at 11:01 AM, 06 March 2009 -

Pet Shop Boys in the charts:
  • In the UK airplay chart, "Love etc." moves up from 37 to 19.
  • In the latest Cool Cuts charts, "Love etc." is number 1, up from number 3. The Cool Cuts chart is "the UK’s leading tastemaker dance chart compiled from reactions from tastemaker DJs and the Cool Cuts panel". It is published in Music Week magazine.

Pet Shop Boys in the press:
  • Pet Shop Boys will be on the cover of this month's Word magazine, next week's Guardian weekend magazine, plus forthcoming features in the Daily Telegraph, Observer Music Monthly and the NME.
  • "Pet Shop Boys Story: 25 Years of Hits", will be given away in the UK next Sunday, March 8th, with the Mail On Sunday newspaper.

Pet Shop Boys in the shops:
  • Pet Shop Boys' new album, Yes, is now available for pre-order on iTunes. If you order it before its release date of March 23rd, you get a bonus track with the album: Stuart Price's production of the Pet Shop Boys nine-and-a-half minutes Brits medley. This is only available on iTunes up to the release of the album. The iTunes bundle also includes Pet Shop Boys' dub mix of "Love etc." and an audio commentary in which Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe talk through the whole album.
  • In the US Pet Shop Boys release Yes on the Astralwerks label on April 21st.

Preview the new Pet Shop Boys album:

  • Listen to a clip (1'20'') of "Pandemonium" on this video of Pet Shop Boys rehearsing for their Brits 2009 performance.
  • 7digital has put up new snippets of Yes, different from the iTunes ones.
  • The Popjustice/Pet Shop Boys Yes playback at the ICA - followed by a Q&A session - is tonight. For those that weren't selected, Popjustice promises to "do a thing on the site" next week telling you what happened.

Play the "Love Etc." snake game (!):



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