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Neil Tennant: "The pop internet circles are literally expecting the best album ever"
Posted at 3:07 PM, 16 March 2009 -

Speaking to Digital Spy, Neil Tennant expressed his concerns about how the new Pet Shop Boys will be received: «I think we're anxious about how it's going to sell - people actually buying it is the ultimate reaction. I'm very confident about the quality of the album, but my worry has always been with regard to the pop internet circles. When you say Pet Shop Boys are making a record with Xenomania, it sets up an expectation which can't possibly be fulfilled. They're literally expecting the best album ever.»

Neil says that they met Brian Higgins back in April last year, got on "very well with him" and really liked the whole Xenomania setup: «They're based at a large house in Kent - the house that the real Alice In Wonderland lived in. There's different people working in every single room - two guys in the attic working on rhythm tracks, a guy below who used to do music for The KLF [Nick Coler], a guy who comes in three days a fortnight who's got something to do with Daft Punk [Fred Falke]. Then there's Brian downstairs in the sitting room listening to tapes, Pet Shop Boys in the kitchen, Girls Aloud trooping through, ducks wandering in from the garden... It is quite amazing and we felt totally at home there.»

Neil Tennant told BBC News that he regards Xenomania as «the best pop producers in Britain at the moment». «They don't just sit on their laurels,» he says. «They're always trying to do something different. They're not just genre hopping, they're doing things because they want to keep changing the sound. I think you've really got to admire that. Some people just do the same thing over and over again, and they don't.»

Ian Young from the BBC writes that Xenomania's influence «is most apparent in the heightened, pulsing beats and shiny, space-age sheen that see the Pet Shop Boys keep in touch with the current sound».

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