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Making of the album "Yes"
Posted at 2:47 PM, 18 March 2009 -

The interviews keep on coming. And the word "Xenomania" is always gently pronounced by Neil Tennant in every single one of them.
Pet Shop Boys' official YouTube channel has uploaded the first half of an interview about the making of their new album. They mostly talk about the process of working with Xenomania:

Neil Tennant: «I liked the way Brian Higgins talked about pop music, the way he was interested in really experimenting with pop music, not accepting that there's a defined way you have to go about things. But also, he seemed like a very, very, very strong personality, and I think that's quite a good thing in a producer. Chris and I quite like working with someone who very slightly intimidates us. It felt like a good match. (...)»
«The way they write, which is to finish whole songs and then to start all over again and writing different melodies for it and different words, it's very hard work, and it's very disciplined. And it's also slightly chaotic, 'cause there's different bits of songs flying around the building. It was quite an an exhilarating and instructive process.»

About "Love etc.":
Chris Lowe: «Xenomania played us a lot of backing tracks and they also had these other ones that Brian and Miranda were keeping them back for themselves, they were gonna do sort of their own dance project [!!?]. And there was one backing track in particular that we both really liked.»
Neil: «Chris kept saying to me in the car on the way to the studio in the morning "We're not getting the best one! I want the swing one!". (...) Anyway, they very generously handed over the backing track.»

The best bit from the interview, though? Neil Tennant impersonating Brian Higgins (at around 5'25''):




Blogger daavid said...

Sounds like Brian Higgins has quite a temper.

March 19, 2009 at 5:30 AM  

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