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"Love etc." is out now
Posted at 3:26 PM, 16 March 2009 -

Pet Shop Boys' new single, "Love etc.", is now on sale. The "Love etc." two-track CD single (including a new song, "Gin and Jag") and a five-track CD of mixes are on sale in shops and from online retailers. "Love etc." is now priced at £0.50 on 7Digital.

The song was written with, and produced by, Xenomania, and was planned as the first single from early on in the sessions for the new Pet Shop Boys album. «We worked on that song from May last year until just before Christmas,» Neil Tennant told Music Week. «Brian [Higgins] kept endlessly tweaking it, but I’ve never got sick of it. It sounds like us, without really being like anything else we have ever done.”

The single has been very well received and is being acclaimed as the duo's best single in many years. Read a few bits from reviews:
  • musicOMH: «their catchiest single in years, cocks an elegant snook at the high life.»
  • Music Week: «a promising first card to play – a hook-stuffed but understated Xenomania co-creation with a fascinatingly peculiar, call-and-response chorus.»
  • The Sunday Mail: «a lovely bit of electro pop. It's uplifting, catchy and dancey.»
  • Virgin Music: «the middle aged men of pop have, along with Xenomania, created a right old proper pop sensation.»
  • Prefix Mag: «it finds the duo staying a lot truer to the quality and form of their earlier work than a lot groups working on their third decade together.»
"Love Etc." is a song written by Neil Tennant, Chris Lowe, Brian Higgins, Miranda Cooper, Tim Powell & Owen Parker and produced by Xenomania. Credited on programming & keyboards are Chris Lowe, Fred Falke, Sacha Collisson, Brian Higgins, Matt Gray, Tim Powell and Owen Parker (who also plays guitar).

Two EPs are available on iTunes and other digital stores. The tracklistings are:

1. Love etc.
2. We're all criminals now
3. Vulnerable
4. Did you see me coming?

1. Love etc. (Pet Shop Boys mix)
2. Love etc. (Gui Boratto mix)
3. Love etc. (Kurd Maverick mix)
4. Love etc. (Frankmusik Star & Garter dub)

"Vulnerable" and "Did you see me coming?" are from the new album Yes, which is released next week.

Buy the single:

Watch the video:

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