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The latest: Alesha, Pet Shop Boys, Gabriella Cilmi, Girls Aloud
Posted at 7:59 PM, 29 September 2008 -

--- Alesha's new single is "Song Of The Day" in Popjustice. "The Boy Does Nothing" is given a 10/10 score, while Alesha is #1 on the "PJ Almighty". Popjustice review the song: «Starts off like 'Mambo #5'. Ends up like Perez Prado's 'Guaglione'. Has a brilliant "HEY!" bit in it. Has about 28 different hooks and catchy bits. Will appeal as much to Strictly Come Dancing viewers as it does to annoying self-appointed internet pop 'sophisticates' like us lot. Etc etc. 10/10.»

--- Pet Shop Boys have been at Abbey Road studios recording strings and brass on two songs for their new album. On the band's official site, Neil Tennant said that the album only features two songs with an orchestra. «Generally it's more electronic-sounding than the last album», he added.

--- Gabriella Cilmi has been nominated for a record amount of ARIA Awards (Australia’s version of the BRIT Awards). Gabriella is currently in the running for the following awards: Best Female Artist / Single Of The Year ("Sweet About Me") / Breakthrough Artist Album (Lessons To Be Learned) / Breakthrough Artist Single ("Sweet About Me") / Best Pop Release (Lessons To Be Learned) and Highest Selling Single. The Awards will take place on October 19th 2008. Gabriella has also been named the youngest person to be nominated for a Q award in which she’s been nominated for best Breakthrough act.

--- Robert Forster, former member of the Go-Betweens, picked Gabriella Cilmi's "Sweet About Me" as his favourite Australian song of the past two decades. He wrote:
«The song had reached that point of saturation where there just seemed to be one song on the radio. And it was Australian, sung by a 16-year-old girl from Melbourne, and everything about the record was fresh – the sound, the cracked bluesy voice, and the production. It’s a great, adventurous pop record and it was lovely hearing it everywhere I went. I also found myself, as you do with hypnotic pop songs, singing the chorus at odd times under my breath – “nothing sweet about me” – which happens to be true.»

--- Former Guns'n'Roses bassist Duff MacKagan has declared himself a Girls Aloud fan: «Girls Aloud — I’m like, ‘What the hell is this?’ It’s amazing, like great pop songs, you know — like the whole stick . . . I think it’s brilliant.»

--- Get well soon, Nadine.

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