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Girls Aloud sign new contract, are "Out of Control"
Posted at 8:31 PM, 29 September 2008 -

Girls Aloud's official web site has announced that their new album is titled Out Of Control. Sarah Harding recently revealed that the band still have one or two more albums to release: «We’ve signed a new contract and it’s all looking rosy».

Interviewed by MTV, Sarah said that the band has been working on the album all summer, although they've only just got a copy: «Cheryl is listening it right now! We’ve got 5 days to approve everything».

Sarah told MTV that she had a good time recording the album: «It’s usually quite stressful for me but I felt more relaxed this time. We’ll have to wait and see but I think the songs fitted my voice well this time around. (...) When I was laying tracks down with Toby (Scott, an engineer at the Xenomania studios) we had lots of tea breaks and messing around. It depends who your technician is as to how much fun the recording is. We got the work done but we did it at our own pace.»

Asked about Girls Aloud's d'n'b songs like "What You Crying For?", she replied: «When Brian puts a DnB spin on things I love it. I was a big Drum and Bass junkie when I grew up (Sarah lists around 20 different DnB DJs she loves). There is one track that’s a bit like that but I don’t know if it will make the record.»

Speaking to BBC News, Kimberley Walsh said that the album title was their record company's idea. «They said: "We don't know what to say, you lot are out of control. We can't tell you anything". So that's where that came from. "Out of control" means you can't tell us what to do.»

Kimberley added that the group were very much «involved in the direction» of the record: «This year I think a few of us have written bits and pieces and we've been quite involved in the direction of how it's going. So we're really pleased.»

She revealed that «the '60s thing is quite prominent» on the new album. «But it's out of the ordinary. Not really what you'd expect». «The whole album's a lot older sounding. It wasn't intentional - it was just kind of how it went, you know?»



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