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"Burnt Out Car 2008" is out now
Posted at 1:33 PM, 23 September 2008 -

The new version of "Burnt Out Car" is now available to buy in stores. "Burnt Out Car 2008" [also known as "Burnt Out Car (Xenomania mix)"] is Saint Etienne's first single in three years.

It's out on a limited 7" and two CDs, one with b-sides and the other with Mark Brown's mix and his radio edit. The song is a "Xenomania-dusted version" of Saint Etienne's 1995 withdrawn single. It will precede the release of London Conversations: The Best Of Saint Etienne, which has been put back to 13th October due to complications over the packaging.


-- «The opening synthage of Burnt Out Car 2008 implies a great big homosexual disco anthem is imminent, yet thankfully it just stops short of reaching such lows heights. Xenomania hint towards the long-forgotten golden millisecond they provided for Dannii Minogue’s career, but all in all, add sweet FA to the first edition.» The Sloppy Dog

-- «This is an old song made to sound like a new song by Xenomania, although when we say 'new' we should point out that it does have a STRONG scent of 1998 about it.
No worry, however, because 'Burnt Out Car' is a jolly little number and will launch Saint Etienne's newest Greatest Hits compilation with 'great aplomb'.» Popjustice

-- «It’s no He’s on the Phone, but what is? He’s on the Phone of course. Not this though. It’s as lovely as you’d expect though from such a lush group of chilled dance purveyors. As pleasant for a chill-out as for a dance floor filler. 6.710» Experimental Music Love

-- «Sounds great, a bit more chipper and sonically detailed than the version on Travel Edition, which was a bit minimalist. A bit more drums too, I’d say. Now, will someone please sell the single via digital download in the States?» Ack Phhht!

-- «(...) the new single, Burnt Out Car, is a re-doing of a ‘lost’ single from the 90s. It’s cheery, catchy and may be just the way in for a new generation of electronic pop lovers to catch the Saint Etienne vibe.» Liverpool Echo

-- «While the new version has all the hallmarks of the Xenomania Euro Hi NRG sound they have been known for, it is not cheesy. The production is lush and very fluid. Sarah Cracknell's vocals float over the track and are almost hypnotic in some places. This mix sounds like it could have been done in the 90's, but it doesn't sound dated. This is a great update.» Sweet MuZik


1. Burnt Out Car - Xenomania Mix
2. Night Vision
3. Destroy The Building

1. Burnt Out Car - Xenomania Mix
2. Burnt Out Car - Mark Brown Remix Edit
3. Burnt Out Car - Mark Brown Remix

7" vinyl:
1. Burnt Out Car - Xenomania Mix
2. River

Fan-made video of the song:



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